Keira Knightley criticizes Kate Middleton’s perfect appearance after pregnancies

Every Kate Middleton pregnancy is scrutinized around the world and although she always wears them as naturally as possible, there is one fact that has surprised us the three times that the Duchess of Cambridge has given birth. How is it possible that within hours of delivery she looks so radiant?

This same question was asked by Keira Knightley in the book ‘Feminists Don’t Wear Pink and Another Lies’, published a few days ago by the writer and founder of The Pink Protest, Scarlett Curtis. The actress has made some statements on the subject in this book and has compared the magnificent recovery of Kate Middleton with her personal case.

Kate Middleton after giving birth to Prince George


As Refinery29 has published, in this essay Keira Knightley has criticized the perfect appearance of the Duchess of Cambridge and has told how was the birth of her son, who was very close to that of Princess Charlotte. “My vagina was split. You came out with your eyes open. Arms up. Screaming. They put you on me, covered in blood, vernix and your deformed head. Moving, gasping, screaming,” Knightley said.

Knightley points out that the appearances of the Duchess of Cambridge when leaving the hospital, shortly after giving birth to her children, are radically opposite to the way in which she had lived that situation. Kate Middleton was out of the hospital seven hours later, with the perfect face and high heels, which Keira considers unrealistic and unattainable for many women. In fact, the actress has described these photos of the Duchess as “the face the world wants to see.”

Keira Knightley criticizes Kate Middleton's perfect appearance after giving birth

Kate Middleton after giving birth to Prince Louis.


Keira Knightley suggests that the polished image of royalty that appears so quickly after the birth of her baby sends an unrealistic image to women. These have been the words of the actress:

“Hide. Hide our pain, our broken bodies, our leaking breasts, our hormones crazed. Look beautiful. Look elegant, don’t show your battle, Kate. Seven hours after your struggle with life and death, seven hours after your body has split open and bled, life screams out. Don’t show it. Do not say it. Stay there with your girl and you will be shot by a group of male photographers. “

Keira Knightley criticizes Kate Middleton's perfect appearance after giving birth

Kate Middleton after giving birth to Princess Charlotte.


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