Keanu Reeves solidifies his status as ‘the kindest guy in Hollywood’ with gift for John Wick’s team

Keanu Reeves is being hailed as the “kindest guy in Hollywood” after his choice of gifts for the stunt team of John Wick 4.

The actor has finished filming the fourth installment of the action franchise and decided to share his appreciation for the team by giving each of them a personalized Rolex.

Vanity Fair reports that Reeves invited the four doubles to dinner in Paris on Saturday (October 23), where he gave everyone his own watch, each of which is said to cost just under $ 10,000.

The four watches, given to Jeremy Marinas, Dave Camarillo, Li Qiang and Bruce Concepcion, were engraved with a unique message from the actor.

They shared images of the gift on social media and Marinas thanked Reeves for the “best gift ever.”

“I received this. New, new. Thank you, brother KR, ”wrote Concepcion.

A Reeves fan page on Instagram picked up the news, prompting many on Twitter to call him “the kindest guy in Hollywood.”

Reeves gifted watches to John Wick’s stuntmen (Instagram @ keanucreeves.fanpage)

The John Wick films have been praised for their impressive stunt work. The new movie, titled John Wick Chapter Four, will be released in theaters in 2022.

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Production on a fifth film is scheduled to begin soon, with a television spin-off, titled The Continental, which was recently criticized for casting Mel Gibson in one of the leading roles.

The most recent movie, John Wick: Chapter 3Parabellum, premiered in 2019.

Reeves will be back on screen soon in The Matrix Resurrections, for which he will play the role of Neo again for the first time since The Matrix Revolutions 2003. The film will open in theaters on December 21.


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