Keanu Reeves gives his double Rolex 10 thousand dollars – El Financiero

And Keanu Reeves one thing is characterized by its simplicity and human quality, and this has been demonstrated multiple times both on and off the scene; Despite being one of the most valued actors in Hollywood, he has always managed with a low profile and away from controversy and criticism, which has led him to be loved by millions of people.

Currently the actor is working on the saga of John Wick, where he has a stunt team with which he alternates some action scenes from John Wick 4, and with which he feels quite grateful, because he showed it with a gesture he had with the four actors who support him in risk scenes and are an essential part of a production.

Keanu Reeves invited his stunt team to dinner (Bruce Lee Concepcion, Jeremy Marinas, Dave Camarillo and Li Qiang) on The Bistro Paul Bert in Paris (where this sequel to the popular saga was also recorded) to have a good time, taste dishes and also give them a very special gift.

Each of the doubles received a watch Custom Rolex Submariner, that it has engraved at the beginning ‘The John Wick Five‘, the name of each one and the legend’Thank you. Keanu. JW4. 2021′; It even appears that Keanu himself has his own clock engraved so that ‘The John Wick Five’ (him and the four actors who play him in action scenes) would be complete.

Each of the clocks what reeves gave away is valued in about 10 thousand dollars, that is, little more than 200 thousand Mexican pesos. This present took his companions by surprise, who shared on their Instagram accounts the pleasant gesture that the actor had with his companions; There are even images where the actor is seen laughing with his stage companions.

All this speaks of the closeness and camaraderie that he has developed with his companions during the recordings of the fourth installment of John Wick, which from what could be seen, is reaching the end of his recordings, which would mean that soon we could see ‘The John Wick Five‘ in action.