Katherine Heigl reveals the truth behind her departure from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ more than 10 years later

After retiring from Emmy Award nominations in 2008 for his work on ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘, the reputation of Katherine Heigl took an unexpected turn. Many rumors began to surface about the various reasons why Heigl had left the famous medical drama series. Some thought there was a bad vibe between Katherine and other cast members, while others believed it was because she started looking for roles for other projects.

Years later, Heigl break the silence and tells the truth for which he left in 2010. Thus, the actress assures that her decision was made by family reasons and not for any behind-the-scenes drama.

The actress and Josh Kelley they married in 2007 and two years later adopted their daughter Naleigh, which changed perspective Heigl’s priorities. According Daily Telegraph, in the next book of Lynette Rice, Heigl shares: “I started to start a family and that changed everything“.

“It changed my desire to work full time. I got maternity leave and was able to be [madre], and that changed my whole perspective. That was really the turning point. So before I went back, I spoke to Shonda again about my desire to leave, “he adds.

Katherine addresses the rumors

As for the rumors, Heigl explains, “I waited at home until they gave me the official OK that I would no longer be on the show. The rumors that I didn’t feel like going back were completely untrue“The actress wants to be honest and promises that her decision to leave ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ was purely to want to spend more time with her daughter. She had even tried to create a schedule so she could balance work and family.

“[Creadora Shonda Rhimes] I wanted to figure out a way that I could do both [criar a mi hija y ‘Anatomía de Grey’]. I wanted to do both“, explica Heigl.

Unfortunately, “there was no good way to arrange the work schedule in a way that would not negatively affect the crew or the cast. It didn’t seem fair to me, neither for them nor for the series, ask them to stretch to satisfy my needs, “he adds.

Katherine Heigl in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ | ABC

What bothers Heigl the most

The actress still a little hurt Because of how she was painted negatively by leaving the show, she even regrets not having said anything about it earlier.

In this way the actress explains: “The ‘ungrateful’ thing that bothers me the most. And it’s my fault. I let it be perceived that way. “Still it goes on,” Of course I’m grateful. Do youHow can I not be? “, he concludes.