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Katherine Heigl has resumed his career as the protagonist of “The fireflies dance”(” Firefly Lane ”in its original language), a series of Netflix where it recovers its captivating potential of “Grey’s Anatomy”In addition to his comedic charm from several late 2000s films. For this new show, Heigl portrays a deep and complex character that only someone with his expertise could portray.

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On The Dance of the Fireflies, the complexity of the characters serves as the basis for the success of the return of Heigl. She plays Tully Hart, a television journalist whose life is explored across three distinct timelines, with Ali Skovbye appearing as a teenage version of the character. The story of the late 70 sets the challenges that Tully She had to overcome, especially a sexual assault and a distant mother struggling with a drug addiction.

The sequences of the 80 become more shocking as Tully You try to overcome sexism while moving up the career ladder within the world of journalism. The series repeatedly returns to different stories that highlight the advantages and consequences of the protagonists’ life decisions. And due to what Tully it’s so complex Heigl has had the opportunity to shine as an actress.

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Katherine Heigl Along the way of her career, she managed to make a name for herself with her work in each of the performances she did and for which she is remembered by her fans, it was not an easy road for her, but that did not stop her. However, along that path, on many occasions it was called “difficult actress”, Which did not have a positive impact on the actress. Why has it been called that?


In “The Dance of the Fireflies”, Katherine Heigl plays Tully (Photo: Netflix)

In an interview with Washington post, the actress talked about the reasons for her label and tells what really caused that fact. Heigl called the comedy Judd Apatow from 2007 “Knocked Up” What “a little sexist“And regretted that he painted women as”shrewsTense. Yes, one year after winning a Emmy for his role as Izzie Stevens on “Grey’s Anatomy”, Heigl refrained from considering the awards of 2008 because “I didn’t feel like I was given the material this season to deserve an Emmy nomination.”

Complained about working 17 hours a day in “Grey’s Anatomy” on 2009, when possibly his own schedule was the culprit. It was a series of comments and actions that many decided with that to collectively paint an image of the worst kind of woman: “At that point, they quickly told me to shut up. The more I said I was sorry, the more they wanted it “, He said. “The more terrified and scared I was of doing something wrong, the more it seemed to me that I had actually done something horribly wrong.”

Katherine Heigl in comedy "The Ugly Truth" (Foto: Columbia Pictures)
Katherine Heigl en la comedia “The Ugly Truth” (Foto: Columbia Pictures)

On Heigl, his co-star and friend of “27 dresses” James Marsden He said: “She has very strong convictions and opinions about certain things, and she doesn’t back down from letting you know if she feels she’s been wronged in any way.” “I have always seen her with a force of character. I can see how that can be interpreted as difficult, thankless or whatever. But if you know Katie, it’s simply because she has the courage to stand behind something she believes in. “

Her husband during 13 years, the singer Josh Kelley, in a separate telephone interview mentioned: “If Heigl’s transgressions happened now, it is difficult to imagine that the reaction of the public develops in the same way. If she said something like that today, she would be a hero. “

Izzie was one of the original characters in "Grey's Anatomy".  Unfortunately, the actress withdrew from the medical drama quite early (Photo: ABC)
Izzie was one of the original characters on “Grey’s Anatomy.” Unfortunately, the actress withdrew from the medical drama quite early (Photo: ABC)

After he left the series on 2010, Heigl She believes her own team protected her from knowing any role she might have lost due to her anointed reputation, fearing that such news would have sent her over the edge. But she thinks that if she had continued to make hits, the tabloid drama wouldn’t have had an impact on her career.

“You can be the most terrible, difficult and horrible person on the planet, but if you are making money for them, they will continue to hire you”, He said. “I knew that whatever they felt I had done was so terrible that they would overlook it if it made them money, but then my movies started not making that much money.”


George and Izzie's relationship was one of the strangest in "Grey's Anatomy" (Photo: ABC)
George and Izzie’s relationship was one of the strangest on “Grey’s Anatomy” (Photo: ABC)

During rejection, such as Heigl As he referred to that onslaught of backlash in recent years, the anxiety he had struggled with since his teens began to build. Had married Kelley in december 2007 and they adopted their daughter Naleigh from South Korea on 2009, spending more and more time on the ranch they built together near Park City, Utah.

But as the public narrative continued to spin, Heigl he couldn’t escape his thoughts: “I think my family, my mother, my husband, my friends were scared. And I’m deeply sorry that I scared you like that. But I just couldn’t control it. I had no tools “, he said, adding that mental health issues were rarely discussed in your family.

“I can’t imagine what all that pressure has done to her over the years, dealing with fame, dealing with people saying things about her that aren’t true,” He said. “It would be difficult for anyone to process that, especially when it is unfair and largely negative.”

Despite being recognized, Katherine Heigl was always rated negatively by her recording partners (Photo: ABC)
Despite being recognized, Katherine Heigl was always rated negatively by her recording partners (Photo: ABC)

On 2015, the year before you get pregnant with your child, Joshua Jr., the anxiety of Heigl it shot up again, but it wasn’t until another outbreak a year after his birth that he began to see a therapist regularly, was diagnosed and was placed on medical treatment.

“I asked my mom and my husband to find me a place to go that could help me because I felt that I would rather be dead”, He said. “I didn’t realize the anxiety I was living with until it got so bad that I had to really seek help. You can do a lot of inner soul work, but I’m a huge fan of Zoloft. “


Katherine Heigl felt her role in "The fireflies dance" helped with his reputation (Photo: Netflix)
Katherine Heigl felt that her role in “The Dance of the Fireflies” helped with her reputation (Photo: Netflix)

Following his successes in romantic comedies with “27 dresses” on 2008, “The ugly truth” on 2009 Y “Life as we know it” on 2010, the box office results of movies like “One for the Money” Y “Killers” they were scarce. He continued to record multiple television returns with the ephemeral “State of Affairs” Y “Doubt”, then joined the last two seasons of “Suits” after the departure of Meghan Markle.

But “The Dance of the Fireflies” is the first of these small screen projects that really feels like a comeback in shape, and Heigl it has “Fingers, toes, all crossed” that has at least three seasons. The most shocking change, he said Heigl, was the change in the perception that fans had of her.

Katherine Heigl and "The fireflies dance" como Tully (Foto: Netflix)
Katherine Heigl in “The Dance of the Fireflies” as Tully (Photo: Netflix)

Perhaps that is why he now constantly responds to comments from strangers on social media, be it questions from Google about his new thriller VOD “Fear of Rain” or posted sweet photos of birthday cakes with the theme of “Grey’s Anatomy”, or photos of her being tagged along with a host of her former co-stars.

“It took me a long time to feel safe enough to read your comments because I assumed the worst”, He said. “Now it feels like a small community. I tried to rebuild that trust with my fans through social media, to show them more of who I am off-camera. “

She was asked if she prefers for everyone to call her “Katie” instead of Katherine, following the recent revelation of Anne Hathaway that she would like the world to know her as “Annie”. “What you prefer”, He said Heigl, and then added with a smile: “Don’t call me difficult”.