Kate Winslet reveals talk about ‘Mare of Easttown’ season 2

If the director of ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ has already ruled out the possibility of a second season of the Netflix series about chess player Betty Harmon, played by Anya Taylor-Joy, the situation of ‘Mare of Easttown’, from the HBO channel, it’s very different. Actress Kate Winslet revealed after receiving the Emmy Award for Best Actress for the role of Mare Sheehan, that there is a possibility to continue production.

“It has been talked about, of course, because the success of the program really surprised us all,” said the actress, after winning the award. ‘Mare of Easttown’ is available on the HBO Max streaming platform and has seven episodes.


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The American miniseries was created by Brad Ingelsby. In production, Kate Winslet plays Mare, a suburban Philadelphia detective. She investigates the recent murder of a teenage mother and has been trying to solve another murder case for a year, making the community suspicious of her abilities. In addition, you face serious personal problems.

“The conversations continue, but I think until the scripts are finished, we can really respond and find out what a full story of season two could be and where Mare is headed. We are not going to match what we have already done, nor should we try, but at least we should do something that is as engaging and fun as the first season, ”said the leader.

Kate Winslet plays Detective Mare Sheehan. Image: HBO / Playback

Kate Winslet also spoke about what it was like to play Mare, after being criticized for her body at other auditions. The ‘Mare of Easttown’ character appears to be eating a lot of fast food and uses vape, a type of electronic cigarette.

“It makes me feel like our industry is changing. Honestly, I’m starting to feel this, that changes are taking place. And I think we target women a lot less in terms of looks and shape. We stopped examining them. At the same time, what happens then is that the younger generations of women, who are not part of our sector, also begin to feel good about themselves “, commented the actress.

He even completed it. “And this is more important than anything else. Because it is up to us to be absolutely real and represent ourselves with integrity and authenticity, celebrate each other and not judge ourselves. If we don’t do it in our industry, no one will have hope “, he concluded.

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