Kate Winslet reclaims her wrinkles and natural body

“I know how many wrinkles my eyes have, please put them back on”, were the words of Kate Winslet when she saw the promotional poster of the latest series that she has starred in and produced, Mare of Easttown from HBO. In an interview with The New York Times, the British actress said that she had said poster removed more than once because it refused to be digitally retouched. He is only 45 years old, but he knows his face and body very well and defends, above all, real beauty.

It is not the only reproach that the British actress has launched. “Don’t you dare”, he answered firmly to director Craig Zobel when he suggested that he digitally remove the love handles from his gut to make them magically disappear in a bed scene. She does not want to falsify reality, Winslet is no longer the innocent young woman in Hollywood who was silent in the face of the infinite criticism she received for her appearance.

That media smash started when I was 21 years old, specifically since Rose DeWitt got naked in front of Jack Dowson in Titanic to paint her “as one of your French girls”: “I remember feeling tremendously harassed by the press, harassed in a horrendous way. They called me weighty Katie (Katie Gordon), they speculated on what diets he did, how much he weighed … “he confessed. The curves of the actress did not enter the beauty canons of the demanding film industry, where the concept of perfection is linked to thinness.

“It was like night and day from one day to the next. I was subjected to a lot of physical and personal scrutiny. I was criticized a lot and the British press was quite cruel to me. I was intimidated, if I’m honest, “Winslet commented in a recent interview.” I remember thinking, ‘this is horrible and I hope it happens’ – it definitely happened, but it made me realize that, if that’s what being famous was like. , I was not ready to be. No, definitely not, “he added.

Botox, hyaluronic acid and surgeries are rampant in the Hollywood world to cover the effects of aging. Winslet is one of the actresses who most claims naturalness, but she is not the only one. Keira Knightley, the actress who plays Elizabeth Swann in Pirates of the Caribbean, protested something like Winslet upon seeing the promotional poster for the film King Arthur (2004), but, instead of removing features or flesh, the retouch was the opposite: they filled her breasts as they were too small.

However, the hottest face of activism in Hollywood right now is Frances McDormand, winner of the best actress Oscar this year for the film Nomadland. Famous for its criticism of Hollywood ageism and pressure on the appearance of women, the actress has struggled throughout her career to change it. “Nobody wants to get older. Maturity is not a goal. It is not perceived as a gift. Something has happened culturally: no one is supposed to grow old after 45 (either in your size, in cosmetics or in attitude). Everyone dresses like a teenager. Everyone dyes their hair. Everyone seems obsessed with a face without wrinkles “, commented with regret in an interview with The New York Times in 2014. “One of the reasons I am offering interviews again after a 10-year absence is because I think I feel the need to represent publicly what I have decided to show privately: a proud and more powerful woman than when she was young. And I think that pride can be admired in my face and in my body, “he said in another interview for NPR.

Mare of Easttown, The series of the moment

As for the series, Mare of Easttown has entered strongly this spring on HBO. It is a pleasure to see the wonderful actress who has been nominated for an Oscar 7 times and who got it in 2009 for The Reader. Here she plays a detective from a small town in Pennsylvania. who investigates a local murder while trying to keep his life from falling apart. And the truth is that everything in this series is very credible, especially that relationship that is established between the residents of the town, where everyone knows each other and where, however, secrets are kept.

Mare of Easttown

The criminal plot and its constant script twists in each episode have made it the most watched HBO since it started, broadcasting one chapters a week -as is customary on the platform-, but it is also sweeping now that all episodes are now available.

“I suppose that people have connected with this character (Mare) of a middle-aged woman the way she has because clearly no filters“Kate Winslet explained, hinting that she shows herself physically as she is.” She is a flawed and fully functioning woman, with a body and face that move in a way that is synonymous with his age, his life and the place he comes to “, added.