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Mare of Easttown”Is one of the most interesting series that have been released this 2021. The story, starring Kate Winslet, portrays the life of a detective from Easttown, a rural area in Pennsylvania, United States, who must solve a crime that is unleashed in one of the most complex moments of her life. With just 7 episodes, which aired between April 18 and May 31 on HBO, the production has managed to arouse the interest of critics and the public, although the audience is still not as large as a story like this warrants. .

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Days before the premiere of this story, Kate Winslet held a dialogue with various international media in which she explained how Brad Ingelsby’s script impacted her, how she built her character and why she has become such a special role in her career. . We share the conversation given by the HBO chain to Saltar Intro of El Comercio:

– How did “Mare of Easttown” come about?

It was a bizarre time, actually. In September 2018, I was filming in Britain and within a month I received the script from Ammonite and the first two episodes of Mare. I ended up saying yes to those two great and incredible jobs. I was really excited to be working with HBO again – I had done Mildred Pierce with them and it was a really great experience. I read the script and it was honestly kind of a dream for a middle-aged actress. Actually, I hate that term, but I’m 45 now. I’m not 20. And when I read Mare, I felt lucky that they had invited me for something that could have been offered to an American actress, for example. The text was totally real and wonderful, and… I managed to feel myself saying those words. That’s always a parameter for me: I say sections out loud when I’m reading a script, and I interpret. I tell my son or daughter: “come and read this scene with me quickly”. And so I get the feeling if it can be good. With Mare I had that feeling immediately. First of all, I was flattered to receive the invitation, but I was also seduced by the challenges.

The series was filmed in the town of Easttown during the COVID-19 pandemic.  (Photo: HBO)
The series was filmed in the town of Easttown during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Photo: HBO)

– What challenges were those?

The series is set in Delaware County, outside the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is a different country from mine and a completely different character for me, different from everything I have done. I had never been to Delaware County prior to this project. People have the specific Delco accent, and that was an extra factor for me, and I was thinking, “My God, I’m going to have to learn another kind of American accent once again!” I love doing accents, but this one is particularly tricky.

– Who is Mare Sheehan?

He is a character who was the pillar of a community for many years. She’s a detective sergeant, a good detective sergeant. The year before, a girl in her early 20s, Katie Bailey, disappeared. She was the daughter of another county woman, an old friend of Mare’s. Everyone knows everyone in Easttown, so all eyes were on Mare, for her to find Katie – but not find her. They don’t know if she died or is alive, they don’t know what happened. They have no idea. Additionally, when Mare was 16 years old, she was responsible for the winning point in a national women’s basketball championship. The city became famous. And every year there is a ceremony around that great episode that happened 25 years ago. Mare is held high before the population of the city and everyone hails her as a great heroine, but she does not feel that way. Half the time she just wants to hide and disappear, but she keeps going.

Kate Winslet como Mare Sheehan. (Foto: HBO)
Kate Winslet como Mare Sheehan. (Foto: HBO)

– What is the story about, in terms of plot and theme?

Well, it’s about a murder in a small town, and there is a moment of suspense at the end of every hour. I got caught up in episode after episode, you know that wonderful thing you feel when you watch a murder drama and they’re trying to figure out who the killer is? The “who was” is very fascinating. I think it’s a very smart story in that genre. But it is not just the story of a crime. Actually, it’s more about community, about mercy, compassion, and sadness; And about how real people live, how they deal with real things, and how those real things are not always happy, you understand? They can be very challenging. Family dynamics can change depending on something that happened in the past or that happens in the present.

– Mare is a former athlete and current police officer. How did you physically prepare for the role?

I knew it would be a great challenge. It was a long shoot. It was 124 days and the Covid emerged in the middle. I played that character for over a year and there were five months of preparation. He had to be in shape. Not because you necessarily have to see a fit body or things like that, but because you had to run a lot on the set. He had to do a lot of combat scenes, fights, clashes and arrests of people, throwing huge men to the ground. So during filming, it often had to be like an athlete training for something. In fact, I was not physically training, but I did a lot of long bike rides, I tried to pedal 20 km a day, something like that. I mean, nothing exaggerated. But he had to be healthy and up to date with it. The thing is, it’s nice to feel like she had been strong in her youth, but she’s not exactly like that now. That’s why I didn’t want to portray her as an unreal wonder woman in her early 40s. Most of us women are not like that, we do what is possible in the middle of all the juggling. So I also wanted to reflect that. For me, I just had to stay well to cope with that, because it was very intense work.

Cailee Spaeny plays Erin.  The murder of his character is part of the central plot of "Mare of Easttown".  (Photo: HBO)
Cailee Spaeny plays Erin. The murder of his character is part of the central plot of “Mare of Easttown”. (Photo: HBO)

– What research did you do?

I spent a lot of time with the Easttown Police and the Marple Township Police, which are neighbors. There was a group of detective sergeants and police officers who really helped me a lot. Especially a woman named Christine Blaylor. A detective sergeant who was explosive, small, extraordinary, a beast. She had a life, not exactly like Mare’s, but similar: she was a very young mother, she didn’t have great prospects and she needed to do something to value herself and have a goal in life. At 22, she was pushing the baby carriage at a shopping mall and met a friend who had just graduated from the Police Academy. And he thought he was fit, he was strong and he could do that too. He pondered that the boy was almost three years old and that in a year it would be possible. And he did. She was one of two women who graduated in a litter of 55 people. She’s a detective sergeant to this day, she’s almost my age. It’s amazing, very, very positive. Whenever we had what we called police, or detective scenes, that required precise detective work, or when I used a gun or something, she was there. He said: “that, well, that is real. It is like that”. It was what I needed to hear.

Trailer of the series "Mare of Easttown".  (Source: HBO)
Trailer for “Mare of Easttown”. (Source: HBO)


Synopsis: Mare Sheehan is a detective from a town in Pennsylvania who must investigate the violent murder of a young woman. As the dark side of the small community comes to light, Mare’s life collapses around her and family relationships and past tragedies resurface to redefine the present.

Seasons: 1 (7 chapters).

Gender: Police drama.

List: Kate Winslet, Julianne Nicholson, Jean Smart, Guy Pearce, David Denman, Angourie Rice y Evan Peters.

Qualification: ★★★★★.


“Mare of Easttown” is the second production that Kate Winslet has made with the HBO network, since previously in 2011 she made her first collaboration in the miniseries “Mildred Pierce.”


Angourie Rice talks about "Mare of Easttown".  (Source: El Comercio)
Angourie Rice talks about “Mare of Easttown”. (Source: El Comercio)