Kate Winslet and other actresses who do not support Photoshop

A few days ago the series ‘Mare of Westtown’ ended and with it our illusion that they would arrive on Sundays. The good? HBO’s fiction continues to generate debate on the Internet, where an attempt is made to decipher the outcome that has astonished so many. You have not seen him? Don’t worry, we’re not going to spoil you. What we will talk about today is its protagonist, Kate Winslet, who during a recent interview with The New York Times has shown to stand firm in his task of being a Hollywood icon defender of naturalness. As he narrated, the director of the aforementioned series, Craig Zobel, would have told him that in a sex scene with Guy Pearce a donut was seen in his belly that he would try to eliminate. Her response was blunt: “Don’t you dare.” A reply that should not have surprised the director, given that the interpreter has been a staunch defender of the beauty without retouching and without Photoshop, something that, unfortunately, has already denounced on several occasions.

To avoid this in this project, he personally took it upon himself to demand that his face be not modified one iota. She wanted the blemishes and fine lines that she proudly displays at 45 years old. “People comment and point out how he could have let me record in such an unglamorous way,” coined the actress who in 2003 already complained in public about a cover image in GQ where she said she did not recognize herself: “I have a Polaroid photo that the photographer that same day and I can assure you that they have reduced my legs by a third of their size ”, she said angrily at the time. They were the first steps of a movement that today has a wide legion of famous women who claim their face and body as they are in reality in film, television and on the covers.

Lady Gaga in 2011, when she also suffered this type of violence.

Kevin MazurGetty Images

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Luckily, Winslet is not alone. Rumer Willis years ago he denounced a drastic reduction of his jaw in ‘Vanity Fair’, something that he classified as “a form of ‘bullying’ that he would in no way support.” Luna Dunham He experienced something similar when he was seen on a cover published in the Spanish supplement ‘Tentaciones’ of the newspaper ‘El País’. “Something hit me when I saw the photo. I think it was recognizing me but not knowing that it was 100% me, “he said then while addressing his complaint. Another star who did not allow her image to be retouched was zendaya Back in 2015 when she posed for ‘Modelist Magazine’. She herself was in charge of uploading the photo that had come into her hands, retouched and the original, in which her legs appeared more voluminous. It also happened to Lady Gaga in 2013 when she was the cover of ‘Glamor’. Neither her skin nor her hair were as she maintained, something she did not hesitate to claim.

The famous nationals who also denounced Photoshop

This movement, which partly denounces the erroneous message that women cannot physically age in the public eye with dignity and pride, has also been replicated in our country, where figures such as Penelope Cruz and Blanca Suárez They have complained of excessive retouching in their images. The first raised her voice by stating that “she did not want to see photos of her in which she looked like a doll because it was a lie.” Shortly before, the poster of the movie ‘The Counselor’ went viral because both she and Cameron Diaz looked noticeably younger. On the other hand, the male cast, led by Javier Bardem and Michael Fassbender, appeared identical in the promotional photo.

Inma Cuesta, in a file photo

Inma Cuesta’s case is one of the most famous in our country.

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Known within our borders was the case of Inma Cuesta, which in 2015 also verbalized on its social networks the retouch to which it had been subjected in the supplement ‘Dominical’ of the ‘Periódico de Cataluña’. “Seeing you and not recognizing you, discovering that your image is in the hands of people who have an absolutely unreal sense of beauty …”, he said then. The publication came out assuming its share of the blame and stating that the images had come to them that way from the communication agency that advertised the film.

Be that as it may, the truth is that we have media voices among us that act as a brake on this type of disrespect that many are no longer willing to bear. The latest viral case is that of Winslet, but many more will come.

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