‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ Plans “Something Fun” To Release Its First Teaser, According To Colin Trevorrow

‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ is one of the most anticipated blockbusters of the new normal. It would have already been a highly anticipated sequel in pre-pandemic times, but considering the situation, its “heroic” shoot and the current need for great films that attract the masses, this third installment of the new Jurassic era does not stop generating enthusiasm. Thus, the launch of a first advance already had the hype through the roof, before some statements by Colin Trevorrow designed to make sure that the machinery is started for the premiere of this film, and that remains … A whole year!

The idea of ​​starting to launch images of this Jurassic proposal that repeats the veterans of the saga Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum, is not so far-fetched if we consider that Initially the premiere plans fit this year, and that a first photo starring Chris Pratt, star of the franchise, and Omar Sy has already been published. Thus Trevorrow, director of the film, has assured that the moment is approaching and hinted that they have plans to make it something special that fits the circumstances. “It’s going to be sooner than you think, but I can’t give details yet. We have something fun planned and it has a lot to do with people coming back to theaters.”.

Very overturned

Trevorrow and company are from the small team of Hollywood professionals who have wanted (and have been able to afford it, of course) to completely turn to keep things rolling despite the coronavirus. Thus the statements offered by this filmmaker to The Hollywood Reporter they are not too surprising considering the journey he has undertaken with ‘Dominion’. And it is that this film was one of the first to return to the ring as soon as it was possible to get out of confinement, resuming a shoot that skyrocketed economically speaking. 40,000 tests to face COVID-19, 18 months and an investment of between 6 and 8 million dollars just in security protocols were needed for that return behind the scenes that Trevorrow is eager to show off, the most normal after the odyssey.