Jurassic Park “, the defenestrated sequel that was not so bad

Four years after the disaster in the Jurassic Park on Nublar Island, John Hammond reveals to Ian Malcolm that there is another island where dinosaurs were raised before being transported to Nublar Island. Ian, accompanied by two experts, must go to Isla Sorna to rescue a scientist, although plans will change drastically.

The company was complicated. Steven Spielberg had managed to mark a milestone in the history of cinema with Jurassic Park. Millions of dino addicts around the world eagerly awaited the landing of a sequel that would also achieve an impressive box office, but that ended up being ousted by fans and the general public. Two decades have passed since 1997 when the dinosaurs roared again, but we still think that the coup found its basis in a matter of expectations.

Indeed, The Lost World: Jurassic Park It was surprising in several aspects, but the main one of them was the change of tone. As much as the dinosaurs terrified in the first installment, the truth is that the darkness was triggered in a second film that did not skimp on savagery. The familiar tone largely disappeared with a gory film. However, a look back forces us to recognize how fast-paced each and every sequence in the film is. We are not going to say that it deserved a dozen Oscars, but the film was far from being the disaster that is remembered.

To all these details we must add a cast that had nothing to envy its predecessor. Jeff Goldblum he repeated like an Ian Malcolm, more mature this time. At his side, interpreters of the caliber of Julianne Moore, Pete Postlethwaite, Vince Vaughn O Peter Stormare They contributed to the creation of a sequel that was more than fun.