June 6 anniversary

Anniversary of Saturday June 6, Day of the Russian Language. Santoral: Saints Norberto, Felipe, Claudio, Alejandro and Cándida.

The Sun has risen at 4.45 and sets at 7.42 (GMT time).

The Moon rises at 8:42 p.m. and sets at 5:14 a.m. (GMT time).

1554.- Autograph certificate of Carlos I in which he recognizes Juan de Austria as his natural son.

1801.- Peace Treaty with Portugal, called Badajoz, which puts an end to the so-called “War of the oranges”.

1808 ..- Napoleon Bonaparte proclaims his brother José King of Spain and its Indies.

1844.- George Williams founded the YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) in London with branches in different countries.

1869.- A new Constitution is promulgated in Spain.

1919.- The newspaper “Il Popolo d’Italia” publishes the manifesto of the fascist movement, signed by Benito Mussolini.

1926.- The International Labor Organization (ILO) inaugurates its new headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

1935.- The Spanish Court of Guarantees condemns the councilors of the Generalitat to 30 years of imprisonment for a crime of military rebellion.

1938.- The Spanish painter Ignacio Zuloaga obtains the honor prize at the Venice Exhibition.

1944.- World War II: Allied troops land on the Normandy coast (France), in a deployment of more than 160 kilometers.

1954.- The first European television link is carried out on an experimental basis, under the name “Eurovision”, between the televisions of the FRG, Holland, Great Britain, France, Italy, Belgium, Denmark and Switzerland.

1966.- The American spacecraft “Gemini IX” ends its 72-hour flight, after circling the Earth 45 times.

1968.- US Senator Robert Kennedy, who was shot the day before in a Los Angeles hotel by Sirhan B. Sirhan, a Jordanian immigrant, dies.

1982.- Israel invades southern Lebanon.

1994.- South Africa joins the Organization for African Unity as member number 53.

1995.- The death penalty is abolished in South Africa.

1996.- China agrees to suspend its nuclear tests for ten years.

1999.- The Algerian Islamic Salvation Army (EIS), military arm of the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS), renounces the armed struggle.

2002.- The United States officially recognizes Russia as a country with a market economy.

2012.- The French Government restores retirement at age 60 for those who have contributed at least 41.

2013.- The newspapers “The Washington Post” and “The Guardian” reveal two spying programs on the phone and on the Internet.

2018.- The Government of the new Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte, is invested, supported by Movimiento 5 Estrellas and La Liga.

2019.- The Swedish biologist Svante Pääbo, a specialist in evolutionary genetics, is awarded the 2018 Princess of Asturias Research Award.


1436.- Johannes Regiomontanus, German astronomer and mathematician one of the fathers of trigonometry.

1599.- Diego Velázquez, Spanish painter.

1875.- Thomas Mann, German novelist, Nobel Prize winner in 1929.

1891.- Ignacio Sánchez Mejías, Spanish bullfighter.

1901.- Sukarno, founder of the Indonesian State.

1909.- Isaías Berlin, British philosopher of Latvian origin.

1919.- Lord Carrington, British politician.

1926.- Juan Lladró, Spanish ceramist and businessman.

1934.- Albert II, King of Belgium.


1947.- Robert Englund, estadounidense actor.

1956.- Bjorn Borg, Swedish tennis player.

1962.- Jordi Arcarons, Spanish motorcycle rider.

1963.- Gustavo Manuel de Arístegui San Román, Spanish politician and diplomat.

1970.- Albert Ferrer Llopis, Chapi, Spanish footballer.

1977.- Zaida Cantera de Castro, Spanish military and politician.


1941.- Luis Chevrolet, American car manufacturer.

1948.- Louis Lumiere, inventor of the cinematographer.

1961.- Carl Gustav Jung, Swiss psychologist.

1968 – Robert Kennedy, American senator.

2000.- Moreira da Silva, Brazilian composer and singer.

2002.- Naúl Ojeda, Uruguayan painter.

2005.- Anne Bancroft, American actress.

.- Manuel Codeso, Spanish actor and comedian.

2006.- Billy Preston, American keyboardist known as the Fifth Beatle.

.- Arnold Newman, American photographer.

2007.- Enrique Fuentes Quintana, Spanish economist and politician.

2012.- Tomohito de Mikasa, Japanese prince.

2013.- Tom Sharpe, British novelist.

.- Esther Williams, American actress.

2014.- Dario Barrio, Spanish chef.

2016.- Viktor Korchnoi, Swiss chess player of Russian origin.

.- Peter Shaffer, English playwright.

2017.- Adnán Kashogui, Saudi arms dealer.

.- François Houtart, Belgian liberation theologian and sociologist.

2018.- Manuel Fajardo, Peruvian lawyer, founder of the political arm of Sendero Luminoso.

.- Pepe Cavero, Spanish journalist.

.- Francisco Caudet Yarza, Catalan writer.

2019.- Dr. John, American pianist, composer and musician.