Julie Delpy has rejected the sequel to ‘Before Nightfall’ and is considering leaving the cinema while trying to raise a project with Emilia Clarke

Will there be a fourth installment in the story of Céline and Jesse? It is a question that fans of the Richard Linklater trilogy have been asking ourselves almost since the premiere of ‘Before Nightfall’ (‘Before Midnight’, 2013). Last year, Ethan Hawke He fueled our hopes by acknowledging that they were talking about a sequel. However, Julie Delpy has rejected the idea.

The French actress, screenwriter and director acknowledges that she is frustrated with the industry of cinema and that she ended up so exhausted with the production of her latest film, ‘My Zoe’ (2019) who has been thinking about retiringHence, he rejected Linklater’s offer. This is how he tells it:

“I think about it often [dejar el cine]. A year and a half ago, it wasn’t far from it. The hell I went through to produce my film has exhausted me. I said no to Richard Linklater about a quarter of the ‘Before’ movies. I thought maybe I could go back to studying. She could be a very good doctor, for example. Give me three symptoms and I’ll tell you what you have … But I like to create, tell stories; It’s stronger than me.”

The “wonderful script” that has prevented its withdrawal (for now)

Delpy declares that he has in hand a new script titled ‘A Dazzling Display of Splendor’, and despite having one of the biggest stars of ‘Game of Thrones’, Emilia Clarke, affirms that he is having to fight to be able to raise the project. His words:

“I have a wonderful script, ‘A Dazzling Display of Splendor,’ about the pioneers of Hollywood. One of the best I’ve ever written. A talented and well-known English actress, Emilia Clarke, is linked to the project. And yet I’m still fighting. Non-stop. I have so many movies in drawers that they will never be shot, if I told you! I’m done. “

I hope Julie Delpy has luck with her new film and will once again want to recover the romantic saga she created with Richard Linklater and Ethan Hawke. Although the previous ones were set nine years after the previous one, forcing those responsible to release the fourth in 2022, Hawke already warned that they were not going to comply with that rule and that it would be something different. We will have to keep waiting …