Julianne Moore’s reaction to Spielberg’s call and 9 more curiosities from ‘The Lost World (Jurassic Park)’

The blockbuster genre has experienced very few phenomena similar to the one that shook the whole world in 1993. You know, dinosaurs, Michael Crichton and Steven Spielberg, or what is the same, ‘Jurassic Park’, an absolute masterpiece of entertainment that, to Today, it has not lost an iota of its greatness, its epic, its intrigue and, above all, its power of fascination. It does not matter how many times you have seen it, that moment in which John Hammond utters the magic words, “Welcome to Jurassic Park”, everything leads us to the very essence of fascination, to the real emotion, to the illusion of always being before something new and indescribable. And, unfortunately, also unrepeatable.

Curiosities of ‘The lost world’

1 Delicate dinosaurs

As ‘Jurassic World’ demonstrated, sometimes it’s better to use traditional special effects than pull excess CGI. In short, the dinosaurs in the initial trilogy, especially the ones that appeared in the first two installments, performed better than those in the recent Colin Trevorrow movie. Of course, they also caused more problems.

For example, during the filming of ‘The Lost World (Jurassic Park)’, the use of mobile phones, laptops and other similar electronic devices near animatronics was completely prohibited. because the material with which they were made was sensitive to hertzian waves, which could have caused major malfunctions in its operation. It is what has tradition over new technologies.

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2 Express filming

Steven Spielberg is not usually characterized by endless filming, quite the opposite. We are talking about a director capable of doing his job, in most cases with unforgettable results, in a time that does not require any extension. In regards to your Jurassic movies, it also complied with this unwritten rule.

As with ‘Jurassic Park’, Spielberg finished filming ‘The Lost World (Jurassic Park)’ five days before the 74 that were scheduled initially. The good thing if brief twice good.

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4 Steven’s call

At this point in his career, and despite having participated in movies as wonderful as ‘Safe’ and romantic comedies as charming as ‘Nine Months’, Julianne Moore still did not have the (deserved) prestige and recognition that she has in recent years.

So when he received the call from Steven Spielberg himself to offer to participate in ‘The Lost World (Jurassic Park)’, Moore was totally shocked. After its premiere, the actress assured that she did not hesitate for a moment to say yes since she was a true fan of the director and of the first installment of the Jurassic saga. Normal.

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5 Tributes

Steven Spielberg took advantage of ‘The Lost World (Jurassic Park)’ to, among other things, pay tribute to one of your favorite movies, especially those who could share some of the tone developed by the director in this sequel.

In this way, we find a set of tributes to ‘King Kong’ and ‘Godzilla’, present during the entire final leg of the T-Rex in San Diego. In fact, in some cases it is more than a wink, as shown by the phrase of one of the characters fleeing the dinosaur (“I left Tokyo not to run into this”).

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6 Varying the melodies

Reviewing trivia from Steven Spielberg movies and not mentioning John Williams in any of them would be as absurd as it is unfair. The joint work of these two geniuses always leaves an anecdote and ‘The Lost World (Jurassic Park)’ is no exception.

In fact, we are talking about one of the least accessible scores of the composer, who made the risky decision to ignore the unforgettable melodies of the first installment, that is, the simplest and safest way, and bet on music full of percussion, especially drums and bongos, essential instruments to convey the atmosphere of an island lost in the middle of the ocean. An election with which Spielberg was in complete agreement and that turned out to be a success. For a change.

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7 Crazy About Juliette

The total admiration that Steven Spielberg feels towards Juliette Binoche, totally understandable, it has caused him more than one displeasure. To be exact, two. And both Jurassic. The first of them occurred during the process of choosing the cast of ‘Jurassic Park’, since the director wanted to have the French actress to play the role of Dr. Satler, a character that finally fell into the hands of Laura Dern after Binoche’s refusal.

Spielberg, a constant guy, again tried his luck and four years later offered him the role of Sarah Harding, star of ‘The Lost World (Jurassic Park)’. On this occasion, Binoche’s response was even more forceful, ensuring that He would only participate in the film if he could play a dinosaur. French irony. We imagine Spielberg didn’t laugh as much.

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9 Back to the park

‘Jurassic Park’ worked so well that very few voices took a stand against it. Not even the dreaded fans of the original novel written by Michael Crichton gave too much trouble with the changes and licenses taken by Steven Spielberg and his team in that masterpiece.

Maybe that’s why David Koepp, responsible for the script, retrieved some scenes from the book to appear in ‘The lost world (Jurassic Park)’, like the prologue, with the attack of a group of procompsognathus on a girl, or one in which several characters hide from the T-Rex behind a waterfall. Moments that, after all, ended up being the best of the film.

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10 Now or never

Many of the criticisms that ‘The Lost World (Jurassic Park)’ received focused especially on the section in which the T-Rex attacked the city of San Diego, ensuring that it was a moment that seemed out of another movie. The funny thing is that Steven Spielberg himself agreed. In fact, during the beginning of the project, the director intended to save this scene for the third installment, changing his mind at the last moment thinking that, in all probability, he would not direct a film in the saga again. He was completely right.

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Be careful, that no one expects here a lynching to ‘The Lost World (Jurassic Park)’, a sequel also directed by Spielberg four years after its predecessor burst all possible lockers and settled on the throne of the eternal. Simply, The effect achieved with our first visit to the most famous park in the history of cinema could not be achieved again no matter how much effort was carried out. For this reason, and because the original literary material offered the opportunity, Spielberg and company decided to try new things, bringing a different tone and rhythm and taking advantage of the occasion to introduce tributes to a perfectly recognizable type of classic cinema.

  'The Lost World: Jurassic Park'

A creative bet that, after its premiere, it was shown that it had not worked for a large part of the critics and, especially, for an audience that, in all probability, would have preferred more of the same. However, it should be noted that the mission of ‘The Lost World (Jurassic Park)’ was not easy at all. Equalizing the merits and virtues of its predecessor seemed impossible, so the general coldness was still something quite predictable. Fortunately, the passage of time and viewings, completely removed from the pressure of the here and now, has served to place this sequel in a much more grateful place than it seemed destined for in 1997. Indeed, we are facing a very remarkable entertainment packed with scenes shot with the mastery mark Spielberg, spectacular moments of action and intrigue and, above all, with a sense of adventure and an enviable own personality, nothing to do with the most obvious photocopy that could have been. In short, and despite being light years away from the first installment, ‘The Lost World: Jurassic Park’ is still much better than expectations seemed to indicate. You know, you never have to trust them. But let’s discover a little more the secrets of this beloved and hated sequel almost in equal measure.