Judi Dench continues to act despite her blindness

Judi Dench is a living movie legend and a role model for most actresses. The British actress, at 86 years old, continues to dedicate herself body and soul to her passion. And this passion seems to have no barriers despite the fact that life and his age make it difficult for him: he suffers from a disease that has made him lose his sight. However, his career is still very active and he made it known at a charity event for the Vision Foundation organization, dedicated to this disease and which has spread IndieWire. The Oscar winner participated in the event alongside fellow professionals Stephen Fry and Hayley Mills.

Dench stressed that what has allowed him to continue acting have been his close friends. The actress, with the help of these, can continue to memorize dialogues blindly thanks to the readings they recite to her: “I’ve had to find another way to learn lines and things, which is to have great friends of mine repeat them over and over again. So I have to learn through repetition, and I just hope people don’t realize too much if all the lines are completely maddening “, counted. But he did not only speak of the negative, or at least he did not intend to detail only the difficulties that his illness generated.

Dench also wanted to show those attending the event the bright side of things. He stressed, for example, that being blind forces you to get closer to the people you work with to recognize them, and you appreciate that: “But it does allow you to do one thing and that is that you have to get really close to people before you can recognize who they are. During the quarantine, I made a movie and I spoke closely to people who wore masks during rehearsals, nothing to do with no scene that I’m in. It’s kind of exquisite if you can do that and that’s the good side of it all, and you have to look at that side. “, he explained,

He has been working like this for a long time

Judi Dench has been working under this situation for a long time and will continue to do so: The important thing is that this continues without irremediably interfering in his work for the projects in which he participates, he continued explaining to the attendees. Dench has recently released many titles, such as ‘Cats’, ‘The red spy (Red Joan)’ or ‘Artemis Fowl’; and now he will participate in the next of his friend, the actor, director and screenwriter Kenneth Branagh, ‘Belfast’, with no release date yet.