John Krasinski, the new great Hollywood talent

Although the one who has played the new Mary Poppins in his wife Emily Blunt, the one who seems “practically perfect” as the most famous governess in the history of the who it’s him: John Krasinski. The industry kisses where it treads after it got a real blockbuster and have expectations of achieving another thanks to the two deliveries of A peaceful place; Ascribed to always as a second genre of horror that the filmmaker has used to talk about seriously serious matters. His producer on these films, Brad Fuller, says he has a deeply ingrained concept of artistic integrity “and when a click in his head sounds and he decides to commit to something it takes it to its ultimate consequences.” For the magazine Time is one of the 100 most influential beings on the planet, “and I’m still in shock for that reason ”, emphasizes the aforementioned.

Krasinski, during the presentation of ‘A Quiet Place’ in New York, recently.

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The great reception of the serial about the CIA analyst has something to do with it Jack Ryan created by Tom Clancy and which is already preparing the third season. And his partner and protagonist of the saga, when he collected the Actors Guild award a few months ago, dedicated a phrase to the story: “The experience of working with you has remained engraved in my heart”, while he was flooded the eyes of tears. For the press they are the new Brangelina. Married for almost a decade at George Clooney’s mansion on the shores of Lake Como, they form the most powerful couple in Hollywood although they have opted for a somewhat more discreet profile than their predecessors.

Happy couple

For the press, Krasinski and Blunt are the new ‘Brangelina’

“People are still surprised that we are married couples and work together,” explains Krasinski, “because for many that is the kiss of death; the beginning of the end of every relationship. But it has not been like that at all ”. According to his wife, he was not very into the task of putting himself at the orders, What, as only she names it, until she read the script “and I no longer wanted any other actress to lay their hands on it.” The story of a married couple with two children who in a world besieged by bloodthirsty creatures who attack by ear but cannot see, forcing the family to remain silent for practically the entire length of the footage, she was so attractive that no star of her rank would have let her escape.

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 27: Emily Blunt (R) wins Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role for 'A Quiet Place' with John Krasinski during the 25th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at The Shrine Auditorium on January 27, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. 480568 (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Turner)

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are the fashionable couple in Hollywood.

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In addition to this, as the actress explains, the matter put the personal to the test, at least at first. “On the set we tried to behave as if we didn’t know each other at all, but it didn’t work. Each couple has their secret language and, in the end, ours emerged and, from that moment, everything started to get better. ”In the sequel, which now hits theaters, against all odds, the big man

Director John Krasinski on the set of

Krasinski on a set during the filming of the second part of ‘A Quiet Place’

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Boston actor, vintage ’79, graduated with honors in playwriting from Brown University, Director and screenwriter, in an unusual exercise of humility, nothing stellar has killed his own character. “I had no choice,” he explains. “What I wanted to explore is what happens when children are no longer under our wing and have to leave the safety of home to go out into the world. And in the film, as in life, for that, in some way, the father must die. I also wanted to investigate how much of what parents teach us remains in us and it bears fruit afterwards ”.

Behind the camera

The two installments of ‘A Quiet Place’ show bleak times

And it is that fatherhood, as it usually happens, has completely changed Krasinski’s priorities, with two half daughters with Blunt of 6 and 3 years. “The films revolve around the concept of family, what it means to have children and what we are capable of doing for them; that unspoken promise to keep them safe. But I am also concerned and anxious, like any parent of our day, to be able to prepare them for life: for an often hostile world such as today. Every step we take, they and we, is uncertain, the unexpected comes from anywhere and that makes it likely that you can make a mistake. And there always seems to be someone waiting for you to do it. ” The metaphor could not be clearer.

AME3671.  NEW YORK (UNITED STATES), 03/11/2020.- Photo provided by Paramount Pictures that shows the American actor and director John Krasinski (i) with the English child actor Noah Jupe (c) and his wife and actress, the British Emily Blunt, on the set of the film

John Krasinski with English child actor Noah Jupe and his wife Emily Blunt on the set of ‘A Quiet Place’

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But, apparently, the filmmaker wanted to go even a little further and delve into the loss; “About how the death of a loved one influences our lives and how what we have admired in them is present in us. I have observed in the soldiers I have met preparing some jobs, how, if they are in the midst of a crisis, they do not have time to cry or gauge the pain until a moment of respite or silence arrives ”. The two deliveries of A peaceful place they show dark times but the second goes much further. “Delving into metaphors, when times become challenging and society fractures, relationships begin to be based on fear and you have to strive to maintain feelings of love, security and support and put selfishness and individualism aside. The question is: Can we reach out to the neighbor in a dark situation for everyone? “

First steps

The actor achieved great popularity with his role in ‘The office’

That thoughtful gene seemed to be very far from the thoughts of that boy with the imposing physique, the face of a good person and the sympathetic voice who managed to position himself to play supporting roles in films as diverse as Jarhead, by Sam Mendes the Holiday O Dreamgirls, both by Bill Condon, but achieved enormous popularity thanks to the smart and educated Jim Halpert of the series The office, in which he participated for nine seasons. “And I endured until the end, but I already needed to do things for myself, express myself and unleash my own projects. Although I would not hesitate to reunite the whole team to make a Christmas special with those characters. It was a great time in which many people with high hopes lived part of our life together.


Krasinski rose to fame thanks to his role in the series ‘The Office’

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While his image was popularized thanks to comedies like She is the party O It’s not that easy, already by own foot, wrote the script for Promised land for his good friend Matt Damon and developed the two films that he has directed before reaching the explosion of A perfect place: Short interviews with repulsive men, according to the short stories of David Foster Wallace in 2008 and The Hollar in 2016, an approach to his favorite subject – the family, in case it had not been clear – in which he also played what we call a adulteress, an almost forty-year-old who hasn’t quite grown up ”. Of course, in the last shootings, any attempt to serve the clan was impossible, also having his wife as the headline.


The film is “a love letter to my daughters,” he says.

“The truth is that, professionally, I have never done something so personal and we both came to the conclusion that things at home should be left in the hands of others for a while, although we were constantly on top of it, while enjoying a trip that has been very rewarding. It was a one-off transfer of attention; we dedicate ourselves for a few weeks to the spectators who have been so generous with us and to whom we wanted to thank for having accompanied us on such an intimate journey ”But, having said all this, he has not hesitated to confess that he was already looking forward to going home because, In short, the film is “a love letter to my daughters made together with the love of my life.” But how can he not be loved!