John Krasinski responds to Amy Schumer’s joke about her “fake marriage”

John Krasinski y Emily Blunt They are one of the most popular and beloved couples in Hollywood. In addition, in the professional field, the duo has also won the affection of the public thanks to their work in A Quiet Place, cinematographic saga that just premiered its second part.

And the truth is that the movie has been well received by both the public and the specialized critics. However, the most ‘sour’ comment came from the comedian. Amy Schumer, who recently praised the tape and in passing joked that John and Emily’s marriage was pure publicity For the movie. The answer, of course, was swift.

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Amy Schumer jokes about the marriage of John Krasinski and Emily Blunt

After several months of delay, especially due to the issue of the pandemic, A Quiet Place II finally saw the light. And although it has only been on the bill for a few days, the film directed by John Krasinski and starring opposite Emily Blunt is becoming a resounding success. Not only the public and the critics have been benevolent with the film; some show personalities like Amy Schumer is also praising her.

This past weekend, the actress used her Instagram account to make a very positive comment about the film. “I loved every second of A Quiet Place II. It’s even better than the first part, which blew me away“The comedian also mentioned.

However, that was not the only thing he stated in his post. To complement her quirky recommendation, Amy also mentioned that “I’ve long said that Emily and John have a fake marriage to advertise. But still I think they should see her on this rainy weekend. “… As we said, the answer was coming.

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Krasinski responds to Amy’s joke

It is well known the peculiar sense of humor that Amy Schumer He handles when pointing out – whether as a joke or not – at other figures in the show. So, John Krasinski seems not to have taken it so seriously Well, the actor took advantage and in the comment box of the publication, he responded to the actress.

As reported by CNN Entertainment, the director and star of A Quiet Place answered: “Thank you, Amy!… For blowing up our entire marriage.”. Schumer later deleted his post, but left the controversial joke hanging in the air. But hey, either way, it seems that going to see this movie is a guarantee. Have you already seen it?