John Krasinski put his “marriage on the line” for this Emily Blunt scene in ‘A Quiet Place 2’

Emily Blunt returns in the sequel to ‘A peaceful place‘where he starred in one of the most incredible action scenes I’ve ever seen John Krasinski, her husband and director of the film.

This new installment will continue the first movie events, with Evelyn Abbott, played by Emily BlunYou, and your children Regan, Marcus, and the newborn baby will be forced to confront the dangers presented to them in the outside world. Although they will discover that those creatures that hunt by sound they are not the only threat.

John Krasinski, better known as Jim Halpert in ‘The Office‘, he wanted to share what it was like to shoot that spectacular action scene: “That scene is so authentic, I think I put my marriage at stake when I put her in that car, “he says in a statement that ‘CinemaBlend‘taken from the’ ReedBlend ‘podcast.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski at the premiere of ‘A Quiet Place’ | GTRES

“It’s true. When I was explaining everything that was going to happen in that scene, and I was like, ‘You’re going to hit this stuntman.’ That car is going to pass one meter. And then this bus is going to go 65 kilometers per hour. ‘ Changed his face and he said, ‘No, right?’ and I said, ‘No, no, the bus is going to you at 40 miles per hour. It is a real bus. And that bus collides with the car, and all of that is real. ”

John Krasinski count as his wife refused to record more than once the scene: “I said to Emily, ‘Do you want to take a test?’ And she’s amazing. She said, ‘No, just put me in the car.’ And so we shot that scene, which it was his first scene in the movie. So it’s really her saying, ‘Jesus’ and ‘My God, my God.’ Because I had no idea. It’s like riding the best roller coaster of your life. That was the first scene we recorded. “

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