John Goodman’s record, his first ad, his lack of Oscars and other curiosities

John Goodman is one of the Hollywood actors who probably has the most projects done. With more than a hundred jobs behind him, the Missouri-born has been in business for more than 40 years. In the course of that time, the charismatic actor has produced such a long filmography that it is difficult to choose any of his roles.

The experience that he has acquired in each of the shootings has made him become an actor of a undisputed talent that the greatest elite directors want to take turns. Although the Academy has not yet recognized the merit of his work, which is already Emmy and Golden Globe winner He has a special gift for choosing the projects in which he participates, since they all seem to suit him like a glove. With all this, and if the heterogeneity of the characters he has incarnated is taken into account, one only has to stand up and clap. For a server, and without going back too long, for his work in ’10 Cloverfield Street’ the actor deserved a monument.

John Goodman Trivia

1 Making history

John can also boast that he has a record to envy. The interpreter has so far the record in the history of cinema for being the person who has lent his voice to characters in animated films the most times. Among the many projects that he has carried out are ‘Monstruos SA’ and ‘Monstruos University’, where he voiced Sulley’s main character; ‘The emperor and his follies’, its sequel and ‘The great adventure of Kronk’, in which he played Pacha; And there are also the different times that Santa Claus has been both in movies and in series, as happened in the 2012 SpongeBob Christmas special. And you, with which of his roles do you stay?

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2 His first time
His first time

Like many of the top actors right now, John the offers did not fall from the sky to participate in large first-rate productions. It had to earn your renown as one of the Hollywood greats based on start from bottom. The actor’s first appearance on screen was in a commercial for Burger King television in which I didn’t even have a dash line. His job was limited to biting into a Whopper and making a happy face.

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3 Surrounded by Oscars
Surrounded by Oscars

Although he has worked more than once with directors who have won the prized statuette, the Emmy and Golden Globe winner has never won the Academy Award. Goodman has worked with directors of the stature of Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis and Martin Scorsese and has participated in up to a total of 3 films that were nominated in their day for best picture, being two of them who took him away: ‘Argo’, ‘The Artist’ and ‘So strong, so close’. However, he is reluctant to take the award for any of his projects, and that in some or other he has more than deserved it without barely getting the nomination by the Academy, as happened in the recent ’10 Cloverfield Street’. Will we ever see the actor taking the jackpot?

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4 the beginning
the beginning

When the famous actor finished his studies, moved to live in New York City, in which before dedicating himself to acting he went through other jobs. Living in a Manhattan neighborhood called “Hell’s Kitchen” it seems ironic that the actor had his first job as waiter. Later he was also hired as bodyguard thanks to his great physical appearance. Goodman is almost 1.90 meters tall.

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5 Early hobbies
Early hobbies

When the Missouri-born was still in high school, he began to glimpse what he would one day become. The actor has repeatedly said that he loved to play soccer on the Affton High School team where he was educated. Also, Goodman decided at the same time to combine it with the student plays they did at school. That’s right, it seems that the actor he was clear from early on what he liked, joining the theater group of the institute. As it would be verified later, that was undoubtedly a key decision where they exist in the actor’s life, which by the way many of us are grateful that he took.

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6 Family

Perhaps one of the most successful roles the actor has had to date was the detonator of his fatherhood. In 1988 Goodman played a family Guy of working class that was loved in the series ‘Roseanne’, which ran until 1997. Whether by chance or not, just a year later From the beginning of the series, the actor married his only wife, and in August 1990 they had their daughter, Molly Evangeline Goodman.

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7 Essential

With the passage of time John Goodman has had plenty of opportunities to demonstrate his talent, and it is undoubtedly one of the largest in the industry due to the charisma that he possesses and gives off when facing the cameras. Such is the effectiveness of the actor who was in his hands the fate of a mythical project and for which many will always remember him. The 1994 film version of ‘The Flintstones’ it would have been canceled And it would never have seen the light of day if John Goodman had refused to play the character of Peter Flintstone, according to the producers. Apparently Goodman was in the project it was an indispensable condition to perform the same. Not everyone can claim to be so crucial to a movie.

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8 Challenges

The actor, like everyone else, is not perfect, and like thousands of people in this world he has had his weaknesses and vices throughout his life. According to himself, the worst test he has ever been subjected to was when he proposed give up smoking, getting it in 2003 although, yes, having a bit of a bad time during the early days without a cigarette in hand. Also in 2005 his doctors ordered him to lose weight, which Goodman recalls as the biggest challenge you have ever had since the achievement achieved two years earlier. Despite this, everything has its rewards, and now John is a much healthier person, especially since he put down the drink, back in 2007.

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9 Home

Does the name of Trent Reznor? The composer of the soundtrack of films such as ‘Lost’, ‘Millennium: Men who did not love women’ and ‘The Social Network’ and member of the rock band Nine Inch Nails since 1988 has a relationship with the charismatic actor . It turns out that the recent collaborator on the music of David Fincher’s films sold his New Orleans home to Goodman. The house as it was sold it is totally soundproof due to the music auditions that Reznor performed on it. Now perhaps the actor is taking advantage of that factor to have as much privacy as possible in his home.

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10 Golfer

It is known that among the many hobbies that the winner of a Golden Globe, are on the one hand the fishing, and on the other, the one that practices much more often, which is nothing more and nothing less than the golf. Who would have told us that the one who played Walter, the sickly bowling fan in ‘The Big Lebowski’, would prefer a much more subtle sport such as golf in real life. Can you imagine the actor playing golf with the same character as his character in the Coen brothers’ film?

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John Goodman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead y John Gallagher Jr. en 'Calle Cloverfield 10'

Example of willpower

If we add the personality he has to the talent he has as a performer, it makes you want to simply be able to hug him. Goodman he far surpassed his overpricing problems, and today it is admirable to see the comparative photos of today with those of years ago. In addition, he has also managed to quit drinking and tobacco. But this is not all, if you want to know what other events revolve around the actor’s life, Here are a few more curiosities about him.