Jodie Foster, from child prodigy to prestigious director

The actress and director Jodie Foster will receive this Tuesday the Palme d’Or of Honor awarded by the Cannes Festival in recognition of personalities from the world of cinema. In this way, the French festival has wanted to honor the professional career of Foster, an artist who has always stayed out of the spotlight, something rare in Hollywood.

Jodie Foster is a regular at Cannes. When she was only 13 years old, she presented her first big success as an actress: Taxi Driver (1976) directed by Martin Scorsese. Throughout her career, she has returned to the competition on six other occasions, including to present one of her films as a director: The Beaver (2011).

Jodie Foster is one of the most respected and recognized actresses of her generation. She was born in Los Angeles in 1962 and began in the world of television from a very young age, doing commercials and series. She made her film debut as a child with the movie Napoleon and Samantha (1972), in which he shared the bill with Michael Douglas.

Her first prominent role would come in 1976 from the hand of Martin Scorsese, who chose her to play a role in the mythical Taxi Driver. For this film he earned his first Oscar nomination. His first award would come a few years later, for the film Accused (Jonathan Kaplan, 1988), a film that recounts a rape and the subsequent trial.

With The silence of the lambs (1991), Foster would get his second Oscar and one of the most resounding successes of his career. This film would be followed by other films such as Sommersby (1993), Nell (1994), Maverick (1994), Contact (1997), The Panic Room (2002), Hidden plan (2006) the A savage gode (2011).

The actress, who speaks perfect French, has also worked under French filmmakers such as Claude Chabrol (Blood of others, 1984) y Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Long engagement Sunday, 2004), and even dubs herself in that language.

In 1991 she made her directorial debut with the film Little tate (1991), about a child prodigy. This film would be joined by others such as Home for vacation (1995) the The Beaver (2011), starring his friend Mel Gibson. Money Monster (2016) is her last job as a film director, although on television she has directed episodes of such popular series as House of cards O Black Mirror.

As an actress she has recently appeared in The mauritanian (2021), a film that denounces the conditions of the Guantánamo prisoners and for which she won the award for Best Supporting Actress during the last edition of the Golden Globes.

Best Jodie Foster movies

‘Taxi Driver’ (1976)

Robert de Niro is the protagonist of this film that follows Travis Bickle, a veteran of the Vietnam War who works as a taxi driver. Tired of seeing the problems and violence in the streets, he decides to take action on the matter. A very young Jodie Foster appears in a supporting role playing a child prostitute whom Travis tries to save.

‘Accused’ (1988)

In this film, Foster plays a young woman who is raped by a group of men after drinking and dancing with them. Humiliated and desperate, she decides to report the case to the police but no one believes her, until the assistant district attorney decides to help her and take her case to court.

‘The Silence of the Lambs’ (1991)

Adaptation of the novel of the same title, this film revolutionized the cinema of intrigue and psychological terror, thanks to the charismatic character of Hannibal Lecter and the chemistry between the actor who gave him life, Anthony Hopkins, and Jodie Foster herself. The actress plays an FBI agent who investigates a series of murders with the help of the insider mind of Lecter, a psychiatrist incarcerated for heinous crimes.

‘Little Tate’ (1991)

Jodie Foster made her directing debut with this film that tells the story of a seven-year-old child prodigy. His mother (played by Foster herself) tries to find a balance between the intellectual and emotional needs of the little boy, who has a gifted mind but deep down just wants to be like other children.

‘Home for the Holidays’ (1995)

In her second film as a filmmaker, Foster brought in an all-star cast (Robert Downey Jr, Holly Hunter, Anne Bancroft) to tell the story of a family coming together to celebrate Thanksgiving. In the key of comedy, the film explains the problems of each member of the family.

‘The beaver’ (2011)

After working with Mel Gibson on Maverick, Jodie Foster directs the actor in a film that speaks tragicomically about mental disorders. Gibson plays a depressed businessman who develops a alter ego represented by a beaver-shaped doll, through which he tries to connect with his family and reconcile with his wife.

The Cannes festival

The Cannes Festival held its first edition in 1946 and is one of the oldest in the world. It is the most prestigious and media international film festival, especially thanks to its “red carpet”, through which great movie stars parade every year.

In Cannes, the main international films are presented and awards are given for best director, actor and actress, among others. The Palme d’Or is the highest award of the contest and is awarded to the best film.

The French festival is usually held in May, but this year it comes later because of the covid-19 pandemic. The 74th edition will be held between July 6 and 17 and will feature director Spike Lee as president of the jury. In this edition you will be able to see the new films by Wes Anderson, Paul Verhoven, Mia Hansen Love or Leos Carax.