Jennifer Lopez’s beauty secret to glowing skin

The secret of Jennifer Lopez to take care of her face, goes beyond expensive creams or invasive cosmetic procedures. In fact, one of the ingredients that you use the most to have radiant and youthful skin is completely natural.

The actress and singer has been emphatic that she has not injected into her face, nor has she fallen into the hands of botox. This very reason inspired her to create her own beauty brand called J.Lo Beauty, whose motto is to empower women.

“Our motto is that beauty has no expiration date because, for me, getting old is just a state of mind”Jennifer Lopez explained. You can feel young at any age and look great, not just 50 years old. The goal was to create a luxurious yet affordable facial care line that you can afford to use on a daily basis. “

Jennifer Lopez’s beauty secret

More than components and expensive creams, J.Lo prefers to use olive oilas it is high in antioxidants and hydrating. She uses it for her face, for her nails, and for all of her skin.

“It’s a secret I’ve used over the years, because it really works (…) Whenever my hair, skin or nails were dry, I went back to olive oil.”

This secret was obtained from the women in their families, who used this natural ingredient to take care of their body and keep it hydrated.

What other beauty secrets does J.Lo follow?

On several occasions Jennifer Lopez has shared her secrets to help her fans and followers. For her, an essential part of your beauty routine is the use of sunscreen, every day. Of course, he recommends trying until you find the right one for your skin, which does not feel oily or heavy.

further J.Lo never sleeps with makeup, as she assures that it is the worst for her skin. And beware, it is recommended to always wash your face after an exercise session, since it is the only way to keep your pores clean and your dermis to feel healthy.


Beyond creams and routines, Jennifer Lopez suggests that having healthy skin requires following several positive habits every day. Tip number one is to always get enough sleep. I cannot stress this enough. I would love to get nine or ten hours of sleep, but either way I always make sure I get at least eight.

Finally the singer does not drink alcohol, consume caffeine or smoke, and maintain a very healthy diet with at least seven glasses of water a day.

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