Jennifer Lopez with an outfit of the color and design of the season

Several celebrities of the show business, both in music and cinema and also the models already have the letter of color and designs that they will wear fashion this season, including Jennifer Lopez who is already showing a small preview.

Considering that this beautiful singer and actress It has more than 194 million followers around the world, the fact that it begins to show the colors that will enter fully soon and that will become a trend is just a sample of the influence it has not only with Internet users.

This also applies to companies and fashion houses, who quickly elaborate their designs so that stars like Jennifer Lopez immediately begin to use them and thus, that they promote their garments through social networks and sell faster.

It may interest you:

A week ago this flirtatious Hollywood celebrity shared three photos with a special look on her official Instagram account.

She was wearing a long sleeve top, with a wide V neck, so her charms peeked out a bit, it had long sleeves and a pleated design right in the middle and part of the neck, the color Very Peri It is the one that will be fashionable soon.

The design of the wide leg pants, although the design itself will be low cut above the hips, the one Jennifer was wearing was right at the waist, many people hope that this one will not go out of style because perfect fit the figure.

As accessories she wore gold jewelry, several short necklaces and a longer one that was the one she wore the most, she was also wearing rings and a beautiful watch.


In his description he wrote “lavender” which is also the best known shade of this color, only this name is due to pantone, but it could well be identified by a “lavender color”, this and other pastel shades are the ones that will start to use soon.

The place where the photographs were apparently taken seems to be a room, behind Jennifer Lopez we find an armchair and some cushions, which actually look quite comfortable.

The publication made by the interpreter of “Marry Me” in collaboration with Maluma, has more than 3 million red hearts, as for the comments on it, they already exceed 20 thousand.