Jennifer Lopez uses roses in outfits for her presentations

For fans who love to see Jennifer Lopez in concert, this Photo for sure they will interest you immediately, because a close up of one of her outfits is shown, using red roses, this beautiful actress and singer always tends to captivate everyone.

Those who have had the opportunity to attend one of the presentations and shows of Jennifer Lopez they will know that it is quite a show.

Not only for listening to her sing, although on more than one occasion some fans have criticized her because they say she uses a lot of playback.

However, something that no one could speak ill of her is that in each of her concerts, she is accompanied by several dancers who, together with her, offer a marvel of dance steps, not for nothing JLo has a spectacular figure.

In addition to their impressive dance steps we also find their outfits, years ago musical celebrities tended to change after a certain number of songs, leaving a space of a few minutes to return with a new outfit.

Jennifer Lopez dresses in roses for one of her concerts | Instagram jenniferlopezturkiye

Something that apparently Jennifer Lopez Marc Anthony’s ex-wife and now Ben Affleck’s girlfriend has apparently revolutionized, because she doesn’t waste so much time changing, because she wears her outfits already on and song after song she takes off her clothes.

Perhaps you remember something similar last year at halftime the Super Bowl, when he participated alongside the Colombian singer Shakira, offering one of the most fabulous shows of this half time.

The same occurs with the photograph that his own fans shared on one of the Instagram accounts created to be dedicated only to the Diva of the Bronxs.

In the image we can see her with a transparent long-sleeved body, in beige with stone applications and details with red roses in different sizes, as well as some fringes and seams with beautiful dark green tones.

The interesting thing is that at the bottom and that thanks to the fact that her garment is translucent, you can see a second body also with applications of the details that the first one has, she is also wearing fishnet stockings with shiny stones.

Not for nothing is Jennifer Lopez told that she is the Diva of the Bronxs, she thinks about every detail and tends to always look flawless; the image was shared on May 6 of this year.