Jennifer Lopez talks about her relationship with Alex Rodriguez for the first time: “Sometimes you have to change direction” | People

In mid-March, the US press announced that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were breaking their relationship after two years of engagement and four years of relationship. However, they quickly came out to clarify that the matter was not like that and that it was “inaccurate” information. But the river sounded and the water was about to appear: only a month later they themselves communicated the breakdown of their engagement and engagement.

Although it has barely been three months since that, it seems that it has been much more. Lopez has started a new relationship with Ben Affleck, who was her partner almost two decades ago, in the early 2000s. Freed from her time with Rodriguez, she has now decided to speak for the first time about the reasons that led her to end with that commitment. J. Lo has spoken on the Apple Music show The Ebro Show, presented by Ebro Darden, and there it has been explained.

In the space he referred to his ex-partner without mentioning her at any time. Lopez said that it all started when she decided to do an exercise in looking at herself, in reflection and introspection. “It was a moment for me and no one else, it was me realizing that I was good for myself and that happiness began with me. And once I realized that, things happened ”, he explains about that moment of self-recognition and the subsequent change.

That inner revolution was what made him realize how he was and open his eyes, as he has told. “Things happen in a way that you never expect to happen. Once you’re okay, you get to the point where you say, ‘This is not good for me’ or ‘This is not going well for me’ or ‘I have to make some changes’ and also’ This isn’t about anyone else, just my’. Once you do that, things start to fall into place, “he explained smiling on Darden’s show.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck hug in a picture taken in July 2021 in the Hamptons area of ​​New York.Elder Ordonez / / GTRES

In addition, Lopez added that it is logical that these vital changes end up affecting his work and are reflected in it. In fact, his last song is called Change the step, demonstrating a need for renewal: “Sometimes you have to change direction. Although that may be painful or even, I don’t know, weird for others. It’s simply about who you are and what suits you best. “

Lopez and Rodriguez announced their breakup last April. “We have realized that we are better as friends and we hope to continue being so,” they affirmed. “We will continue to work together and support each other in our shared businesses and projects. We wish the best for ourselves and for our children. Out of respect for them, we just want to add our thanks to all who have sent us kind and supportive words ”. Indeed, both had work projects and investments in common. At the moment, although they said they would maintain their friendship, they have not been seen together again. Shortly after their breakup, several friends of the singer spoke to different media and stated that she “could not fully trust him.” “He tried to fix it but there were too many issues to solve,” said someone close to Lopez in People, explaining that the artist became “sunk”: “I don’t think the best thing for her would be to continue with Alex.” They also said that “they liked spending more time together as a family, but they found it difficult to maintain that special spark when they saw each other.”

While there are few images of the former baseball player during these weeks, the singer and actress has been seen repeatedly, especially in Los Angeles. There he has been seen, already openly and in public, along with Ben Affleck. In fact, in mid-June they were caught kissing in what was the confirmation of the romance, and they are already walking embraced, alone or with the children they have had from previous relationships (she with Marc Anthony; he with Jennifer Garner). In fact, the tabloids, which have made this relationship one of their recurring themes, already claim that they are looking for a house together.