Jennifer Lopez leaves Spain urgently due to an outbreak of covid in the filming crew

The covid does not let up and despite the fact that hospital admissions do not present the dramatic figures of old waves, the truth is that ómicron is wreaking havoc at the level of infections. So much so that Jennifer Lopez has had to leave Spain urgently after an outbreak of coronavirus was detected in the team of the film that was shooting in Gran Canaria.

JLo was on Spanish soil until a few days ago when an unexpected event, although unfortunately very frequent, meant that she had to stop filming halfway through The Mother, the new film that prepares for Netflix.

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Part of her teammates were infected with covid, something that has caused the production of the film to be paralyzed until further notice and that the artist has headed to Los Angeles, where she lives, to get safe.

Something that has drawn a lot of attention to both her followers and the media has been that Jennifer Lopez seemed to have run out of the hotel where she was staying, judging by her clothing.

The music star was photographed at the airport wearing sunglasses, a tracksuit, a fur vest and flip-flops, also adorned with fur. The truth is that JLo has not wanted to take risks and as soon as she has known that part of the team of The Mother he was infected with covid, he has chosen to leave urgently.

Of course, before this emergency he had time to enjoy the good weather on the island, as we have seen on his social networks where he shared photos together with his representative.

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The Mother It is based on an action plot where Jennifer López plays a murderess who leaves her hiding place to protect her daughter, whom she had to give up to save her from the dangers of a dangerous gang that persecuted and threatened her.