Jennifer Lopez debuts the easy hairstyle that makes you look taller

She has worn XXL extensions, the most flattering above-the-shoulder cuts, and has a beauty team that makes you feel really beautiful as recognized a little over a month ago in your networks. Jennifer Lopez sets trends with what she wears, inspires her fans through her public appearances and also a celebrities nationals as Edurne, who wore the Rapunzel braid that the Bronx diva has bet on on many occasions. Away from stages, photo shoots or red carpets, the artist has just shared what is the comfortable look with which she gets ready to be around the house: an easy bun that also works at guest events with which you gain centimeters in height and achieve an effect lifting that stylizes the features.


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The updo that rejuvenates

With the script for her new movie in hand, reading glasses, and a high, polished bow tie: this is Jennifer Lopez’s look for day to day. The easy hairstyle hides many benefits beyond that of removing the hair from the face and you can see that the versatile artist learns many tricks by spending hours and hours sitting in the makeup and hairdressing chair. In this case, the updo makes the wearer appear taller and also achieves an effect of a lifting on the forehead and the look. The reason is that any styling With a taut finish like his, it causes the features to be stylized as if by magic.

“Serves a top knot or any updo that makes traction and tightens the scalp well “, explains Eduardo Sánchez, director of Maison Eduardo Sánchez, about the type of looks that achieve this false lifting. The expert also reveals the step by step with which to imitate the same result from home: “Place it in the upper area of ​​the crown to stretch the area of ​​the forehead, at mid-height if what you want is to tighten the middle area of ​​the face, or at the nape of the neck to rejuvenate the neck. “In the case of Jennifer, who places it as high as possible, it also becomes the ideal updo for those who want to appear taller without wearing heels.


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The ‘high top’ guest ponytail

While the star chooses the casual bun to relax outside of work, when preparing to attend a professional engagement she opts for updos like this: “The ultra-polished ponytail gathered at the highest point of the crown can increase the size up to 4 centimeters if it is a dense hair and the way you pick it up plays in favor with your own hair “, reveals David Lorente, director of the David Lorente salon, about Jennifer Lopez’s hairstyle that falls to the height of the shoulders but that Ariana has already popularized Large in super hair version, this time, the artist also opts for an ultra-rejuvenating polished finish that tightens the entire forehead upwards and “pulls” the temples to stylize the look.

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