Jennifer Aniston was not the first choice to play Rachel in ‘Friends’ | Film and Television

Friends It has established itself as one of the best series in television history, adding new followers despite the passage of time and having veterans with skyrocketing expectations for its long-awaited return more than two decades after its premiere. A series in which its six main characters have a more or less similar role within the plot, although probably the role of Rachel Green interpreted by Jennifer Aniston it has always been one of the most furious.

The wealthy girl who, thanks to her friends, started a new life away from her father’s credit cards, became a fashion icon and conquered many more hearts than that of Ross. However, and although it was the performance that catapulted Jennifer Aniston to fame, it was many other actresses who were about to give life to Rachel before the ex-wife of Brad Pitt to star in the series.

Tea Leoni

His face is probably familiar to you from movies like Jurassic Park III, Two Rebel Policemen O Deep Impact, But the reality is that Téa Leoni didn’t become Rachel Green because she didn’t want to. The actress turned down the role and continued her career on a totally different path from that of New York’s most popular gang of friends.

Actress Tea Leoni. / Getty Images / Photo by Barbara Nitke/CBS via Getty Images

Tiffani Thiessen

The unforgettable actress of Saved by the Bell tried to get under the skin of Rachel, but suspects that his age played against him in the casting (he is five years younger than Jennifer Aniston).

Jane Sibbett

If you are a fan of Friends will have recognized Jane Sibbett instantly but not like Rachel, but as Carol, the unforgettable ex-wife of Ross Geller. She herself told in an interview to News that she had been chosen to be part of the main cast but that the producers did not know that she was pregnant at the time of the start of filming for the series. In spite of everything, the actress took it with great sportsmanship and assured in the interview: “I do not regret it, there is no way that someone has approached what Jennifer Aniston did with Rachel. She was so perfect “

Jane Krakowsi

The actress Jane Krakowsi was another of the young promises of cinema who also tried to be Rachel Green, although this role was not intended for her. A few years later, another great hit series from the nineties came his way: Ally McBeal.

Elizabeth Berkley

Although she is another of the great protagonists of Saved by the Bell, Elizabeth Berkley could not add the name of Rachel Green to your interpretive resume. Apparently, Jennifer Aniston he surpassed her in the casting for this mythical character.

Courtney Cox

As difficult as it may be to believe, it had originally been thought of Courtney Cox to give life to Rachel, while Jennifer Aniston I was going to play the role of Monica. However, the actresses themselves have narrated on more than one occasion that it did not take long to see that it was much better and more in line with their respective personalities to exchange roles.

Can you imagine any of these actresses playing Rachel instead of Jennifer Aniston? It is certainly not an easy task.