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What if we mix Blade runner Y Jurassic park with For a bunch of dollars? Well, something similar to Westworld, the HBO series that for many is already the new Game of Thrones. Jeffrey Wright plays Bernard, one of the programmers of a huge park inspired by the Wild West and in which humans can do anything with the humanoid robots that populate it. From murdering them to falling in love with them. If you’ve already seen the series, you will know that Wright – who is accompanied by Evan Rachel Wood or Anthony Hopkins – has a key role. And if you have not seen it, get used to the idea: you will end up falling.

“We are not trying to replicate what ‘Game of Thrones’ has done because it is something totally innovative”

What is the first thing you thought when reading the script of Westworld? I thought it was very good. There was poetry, complexity and reflection, but everything in its proper measure. Also, when I saw the people who were involved and the quality they had, like JJ Abrams, Jonathan Nolan, Anthony Hopkins, HBO … I had to say yes!

Has been compared Westworld with Game of Thrones. Do you think they have things in common? Obviously we have something in common: that they are shows very expensive to make and attracting a very enthusiastic audience. But Game of Thrones it has been enormously successful and we are still at it. I don’t think we are trying to replicate what they have done because we are with something totally innovative and from which we have only seen the starting point.

There is a moment in the series in which your character takes a turn with which we do not want spoilear to readers. Did you know what was going to happen from the beginning? No, I didn’t know in the first episode! I found out after filming the pilot, which was done in the summer of 2014, when production began in June 2015. On my return, Lisa Joy (creator of the series with her husband Jonathan Nolan) took me to a corner and He told all the secrets I had no suspicions when reading the first script.

Jurassic Park

All the animals were perfectly caged. How could it all end up so bad?

Has it been hard to play a character with such a great emotional weight? Bernard has a lot of trauma. Especially some sequences. I remember one in which my character has a really bad time. It was shot in about four or five days in which we had to return again and again to the emotions that the character had and that they were very hard. There came a moment when I thought: “Get me out of here now, please!”

Sharknado 3

You go to the Universal studios park in Florida and it fills you with flying sharks. That is bad luck and not that it rains on you.

Despite being a series with action and cowboys, Westworld It has a reflective, almost philosophical point, very relevant. Precisely what I think you learn most from watching the series is the journey that the park hosts undertake. Its evolution is a metaphor for our own consciousness, of knowing what we are and who we are.


Disneyland gore? The craziest episode of The Simpson He gave us a lesson: if you face a killer robot, charge it with a flash.

What would you have done, Jeffrey Wright, if you had walked into the park? Westworld as one of the guests? I don’t think he ever left the bar. I would have stayed partying with friends all the time. When I did the test on the website of Westworld To find out what kind of guest he would have been, I found out that he was a libertine. Come on, I just want to go out, eat, drink …

We have to ask you the million dollar question: how will the series continue in the next season? I do not know! And if I told you how I think things are going to go, I would look like an idiot when you know what the writers are thinking. This series can go anywhere. It’s only limited by the immense imagination of all the people I work with.

‘Queen’s Landing’

The first season of Westworld is one of the star productions of HBO, the on-demand TV network that, after a long wait, is now available in Spain.