Jeffrey Wright (‘the Batman’) will play Batman for one of the podcasts prepared by HBO Max

Jeffrey Wright has a lot of energy put into the universe of the Dark Knight of Gotham. Who is going to be the next commissioner James Gordon in Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman’, which is scheduled to premiere in 2022, will be Bruce Wayne very soon too. As reported by ComicBook, The actor will lend his voice to Batman for the podcast that HBO Max is preparing entitled ‘The Batman: The Audio Adventure’ that will come out this year.

The plot has yet to be revealed, but the script is signed by veteran Saturday Night Live writer Dennis McNicholas, anticipating, among other things, that the story will have a comedic focus. It will be broadcast on the platform in various parts throughout this 2021 and the story will focus mainly on the Gotham Police Department. The timeline will also have nothing to do with the DC movie that Matt Reeves is preparing.

Last June, Warner Bros. and DC signed an agreement with Spotify to launch a series of original sound projects, produced and developed by Warner, on the streaming music platform. The podcast in question will be an exception and will be seen via HBO Max, but the deal will include many other titles. The plans that the companies manage are produce various podcasts, both comedic and dramatic, based either on characters from the DC and Warner franchises, or on completely original new characters and stories.

More sound projects about Batman

Among these sound projects that are underway, there will be more titles dedicated to the hero of Gotham. HBO Max has just arrived ‘Batman: The Brave and the Bold’ which offers a dark and melancholic vision of the Dark Knight. And it’s coming to Spotify soon ‘Batman Unburied’, written by an old acquaintance in DC, David S. Goyer, scriptwriter of titles ‘The Man of Steel’ or the mythical ‘The Dark Knight’, whose libretto he signed with Christopher Nolan.