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Jeff wears Saint Laurent shirt and jacket by Hedi Slimane. The tie is Lanvin.Michael Schwartz

Today Jeff Goldblum faces a challenge: say Dew. “¿Raúquia?”, try. Normal. But Jeff Goldblum is not just any man. It is Dr. Ian Malcolm, who marked an entire generation with dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. Scientist David Levinson, who saved the world from the same alien invasion that is entertaining him this summer with the already released Independence Day: Contraataque, the sequel to the 1996 mega-hit. How can five letters resist him? Above all, with the Spanish that he learned from Fernando Trueba when he filmed The crazy monkey’s dream in 1989 and with the one who now tries to receive me as a gentleman. “¿Rachío?”, insists. He lets it be to ask me about Trueba.

Spain brings good memories to Goldblum (Pittsburgh, USA, 1952). “Working with Trueba was so well”, he says accentuating the last word in the language of Cervantes. “I would also like to do it with Almodóvar. It would be good to work with him, ”he tries hard. This is his normal demeanor, someone in appearance absent-minded and stammering, with a verbiage that he never organizes directly but rather around the edges. Someone who replaces the silences with a continuous hum, a jazz rhythm that emanates from his body a la Bobby McFerrin to find his karma and his inspiration while posing for ICON. After a short pause, he tries again. “¿Rócio?”, he adds, getting closer and closer to perfection.

I like to feel healthy. I am someone active who enjoys life better if it feels good with the body. It is my work tool in addition to the expression of my sexuality

That is what you are looking for. Under that carefree and friendly aspect that flows as if he were improvising through life, under his great acting madness, hides someone who controls his style, his body and his work. Someone who, without being opposed, gets away with it. Either in what you saw today, in the photographs that you allow yourself to be taken or in the cinema that you intend to do. Improvisation is left to your beloved jazz. Everything else is perfection.

This starts with your body. Goldblum’s improves over the years. He has no qualms about showing it, stripping between takes, between exhibitionist and vain. It is a body without a drop of fat, a perfect tan and without a trace of its 63 years. Nor does he hesitate to show his secret. “Today I have 10,400 steps. I am very disciplined ”, he keeps the iPhone proud with the achievements that his app. “I like to feel healthy. I am someone active who enjoys life better if it feels good with the body. It is my work tool in addition to the expression of my sexuality. I like to use my body and that’s why I walk. I have to walk more. I also do weights ”, he summarizes before serving himself a light plate of chicken with vegetables.

All very healthy until madness returns to make an appearance in his eyes. “Of course life is full of peccadilloes and mine are very simple. Popcorn, of all flavors and for any occasion. Ice cream, mmmm … ”, it melts. “Pasta, pizza, a good sandwich …”, is launched before the act of constriction. “The solution? Take a couple of bites. Don’t eat it all ”.

The actor wears a Prada shirt and pants.  Glasses, Tom Ford and Saint Laurent shoes by Hedi Slimane.
The actor wears a Prada shirt and pants. Glasses, Tom Ford and Saint Laurent shoes by Hedi Slimane.Michael Schwartz

In his feigned shyness it is easy to see that he always wanted to take over the world. From that little role in Annie Hall that with another it would have gone unnoticed and that in Jeff’s hands it is still remembered. “They still tease me like the man who lost his mantra,” he jokes. He likes to be remembered. You can see the actor’s vanity. He comes over to look at each of his photographs, always ready for a new take if he is not satisfied. He does not deny his desire for control although he tries to hide it under a non-existent humility.

“I see myself as a simple apprentice always ready to improve,” he confesses. Improve as an actor working over the years with the best: Steven Spielberg, Lawrence Kasdan, Wes Anderson, Robert Altman, David Cronenberg, John Landis, Ronald Emmerich or Allen himself, among them. “I’ve been lucky because the shootings are so interesting …”, he rambles. “Atmospheres as creative and full of art as those offered to me by Robert or Wes, which make the mere experience of filming a way of liberating the spirit,” he adds.

The humming continues. Now from his lips comes a Summertime that goes up and down in pitch and volume. He sings it to him but he doesn’t mind being heard. Music is his other self, the one that most recently came out of the closet. He has played the piano since he was a child and hearing him talk about jazz one wonders if the real Goldblum is not a hidden musician behind the performance. “Quite the contrary: for a long time I preferred to hide my love for music so that it would continue to be fun,” he confesses. Now he no longer hides it. In Los Angeles he is a regular at Rockwell, a nightclub and theater where he usually plays on Wednesdays when he does not travel.

He has been married three times. The last with the Olympic gymnast Emilie Livingston, with whom he had his first child, Charlie Ocean, on July 4

And he takes several concerts with Woody Allen in the New York Carlyle, improvising with Jeff Daniels and his guitar or recreating ballads with Peter Weller’s trumpet. That, in addition to putting lyrics to the theme of John Williams for Jurassic Park or perform with your group, the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra, the themes of Independence Day at a charity gala. “I also do it while I roll,” he explains of his humming. “To get into character, because it inspires me, it’s always interesting. And I tell the director, the composer, in case that works for him ”, he says. “But my thing is the written word. Do plays, movies. They are my encouragement. The music is very different. Is my hobby”, resume.

With lip service, he says that in cinema he likes everything, the same as in music. “Then I’ll take what interests me,” he clarifies, contradicting himself. It means that you see everything, as a member of the Academy and on more than one occasion as a jury of festivals like Cannes. The same thing happens with music. It’s all ears. But his interests go further, attracted by what he calls “thinkers who can also be heroes.” People like Paul Allen, better known as the co-founder of Microsoft, the singers Rufus Wainwright or Joe Walsh, the members of Snarky Puppy or the molecular biologist and Nobel laureate James Watson. “When I met him after having made him in a documentary series (Horizon, 1987) took quite a few detours until he told me that he never wanted me in the role. He preferred John McEnroe, he told me. I thought you were wrong and you were talking about John Malkovich. ‘No, the tennis player,’ he insisted. ‘I would have done better in those couple of scenes playing tennis,’ he concluded. Tell the anecdote between snoring and laughing. Pride stung him, but he finds it funny.

The interpreter of 'Independence Day: Counterattack' wears jacket, pants and glasses, everything, Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane.  Tom Ford glasses and vintage tie.
The interpreter of ‘Independence Day: Counterattack’ wears jacket, pants and glasses, everything, Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane. Tom Ford glasses and vintage tie.Michael Schwartz

Watson and the rest of those mentioned are his new friends, those with whom he has already done several cruises at the expense of Paul Allen in a kind of elitist club of talent, philosophy, music and good living. “We have just returned from visiting Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei,” he details about the last route. The previous one, which was also joined by Quentin Tarantino, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones and Nathan Myhrvold, another of Microsoft’s brains and among the 100 most prominent thinkers according to the magazine. Foreign Policy, He took him through Alaska and from there to Russia, to visit the Hermitage museum in Saint Petersburg.

“I am lucky to have fallen there,” he says of these paid vacations where he enjoys thinking that he saves the world. “Beauty does not have to be separated from reality and Paul Allen is pleased to invite a group of generous minds, very interesting people capable of doing useful things”, sums up this defender of the environment and lover of Eastern philosophies.

I’ve been lucky because the shoots are so interesting … Atmospheres as creative and full of art as those offered to me by Robert Altman or Wes Anderson, which make the mere experience of filming a way to free the spirit

His return to Independence Day: Contraataque arrives accompanied by his signing by Marvel as the Grand Master, which the actor will play in the third installment of Thor. It has little to do with the James Bond air that the tux he has chosen for the next photo gives him. Have you dreamed of being the next agent in Her Majesty’s service? “They would never choose me. It catches me a bit older, although the Bond that I like the most is that of Sean Connery ”, he lets fall.

It also has little to do with the homey, hot-blooded Goldblum that he has become. The third time lucky. Having been married to Patricia Gaul, whom he met in Silverado (1985), and Geena Davis, with whom she worked on Transylvania 6-5000 (1985), The fly (1986) and Earth girls are easy (1988), this womanizer married just two years ago with the Olympic gymnast Emilie Livingston, with whom he had his first child, Charlie Ocean, on July 4. Quite an irony. “It seems that he even likes me,” he admires his own son. “I haven’t had much contact with children and they are so interesting. Interactive, fun and I do my gymnastics chasing him ”, he confesses about what he calls the secret of his youth.

More than a father drooling over the exploits of his child, he sounds like a mad scientist observing that little experiment called his son, intrigued. “You have to see him with Woody Allen. Imitating him all the time ”, he adds to the family picture. Let no one be alarmed Woody Allen it is his dog, a poodle with curly and reddish hair. And that makes us laugh. That is why we call you Woody Allen, by the similarities ”, it is explained. Definitely, Goldblum has his own way of seeing life and in his mind he has only just begun. “I feel like someone who identifies with the infinite curiosity of that child for whom everything is new, fun and a source of inspiration. And if that is not youth, you will tell me what it is ”, he sums up, returning to his musical zen, which he only pauses briefly to say goodbye. “Rocío” smiles, conquering each letter. “See you later!” He adds, smiling and victorious, reaching the nirvana of perfection.