Jean Dujardin to star in film about 2015 attacks in Paris

Dujardin attacks Paris
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French actor Jean Dujardin will star in a new film about the terrorist attacks November 13, 2015 in Paris what will be titled November (November). The film will be directed by the filmmaker Cédric Jimenez, the producer StudioCanal announced on Wednesday.

In addition to having the interpreter of The artist (2011), a film that won him the award for best male performance at Cannes and at the Oscars, the film will also feature Sandrine Kiberlain. The director Cédric Kahn (The believer), which in this case will be in front of the camera.

November, which according to StudioCanal will be released in 2022 with the history of the Paris attacks, it will mean the reunion of Dujardin with Jimenez, who already directed him in Marseille connection.

Among the previous titles of the French director are also In the sight of all (2012), The man with the iron heart (2017) and North Bac (2020), his last film to date.

The attacks of November 13, which occurred almost simultaneously in the Stade de France in the town of Saint-Denis and in different bars in Paris, they killed 130 people. 90 of them were in the Bataclan concert hall.

The French media revealed that the film will focus on the five days following that wave of attacks, in which there were also some 350 injured.

Another project that has been based on these facts has been One year, one night film by the Spanish Isaki Lacuesta, whose filming began on February 8 in Barcelona. This film will star the Argentine Nahuel Pérez, who plays the role of a Spanish survivor from Bataclan.

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