James Bond writer worries about the future of the franchise

John Logan, a screenwriter related to the James Bond saga, has recently expressed his concerns about the future of the film franchise after the purchase of MGM studios by Amazon, which has just been officially confirmed in recent weeks.

It is not for less. Logan is an Oscar-nominated screenwriter who has been involved in the franchise during the Daniel Craig era, contributing to the stories of “Skyfall” and “Specter,” the former considered the best of the films inspired by the character created by writer Ian Fleming.

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In an essay as a guest writer for The New York Times, Logan has discussed his concerns about the future of the franchise now that it is in the hands of Amazon, arguing that this is a technology company focused on “attracting and keeping customers”, for what his fears are focused on any “artistic influence” this may have in future installments.

“Having worked as a writer on Skyfall and Specter, I know that Bond is not just another franchise, it is not Marvel or DC. It is a family business that has been carefully nurtured through the changing times by the Broccoli / Wilson family, ”noted Logan.

Logan describes the breakout sessions on Skyfall and Specter as family discussions at the dinner table, with Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson, his half brother, discussing every detail of the story while allowing any member of their family to give their opinion on. the development of the tape in question.

Logan does not consider Amazon to be a bad company, but because it focuses more on “customer experience” and how to achieve greater global reach, it seems difficult that they could be “champions or guardians of artistic or entertainment creativity. original”.

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Amazon Prime has proven to be a platform with series of great narrative caliber. In addition, Broccoli and Wilson recently confirmed that The James Bond tapes will continue to be produced for big screen releases. So far, “No Time To Die”, Daniel Craig’s last film as the character, is pending release.