Jackie Cruz denounces sexist violence in “Midnight in the Switchgrass” | The USA Newspaper

The American actress of Dominican origin Jackie Cruz poses during a press conference to present the documentary “” This Changes Everything “” this Friday in Miami Beach, Florida (USA). EFE / Giorgio Viera

The Angels, (EFE News) .- Child prostitution, femicides and girls who risk their lives on the street are the turbulent starting point of “Midnight in the Switchgrass”, a police thriller in which Jackie Cruz shares credits with Bruce Willis , Megan Fox and Emile Hirsch.

The Latin actress, known above all for the series “Orange is the New Black” (2013-2019), presents this Friday this film with which Randall Emmett debuts as director, who as producer signed films such as “The Irishman” (2019) .

Cruz commented in an interview with Efe that these types of films address very traumatic realities such as sexist violence, but he believed that they are necessary so that the victims of these situations do not turn their backs.

“I feel that these stories are important to tell and that you have to talk about them even if they are very difficult to see,” he argued.


Based on true events, “Midnight in the Switchgrass” follows in the footsteps of Byron (Emile Hirsch), a Florida police officer who, through thick and thin, follows the trail of murders and disappearances of girls as he believes that behind they have a clear pattern.

Help will come from two federal agents (Megan Fox and Bruce Willis) who work as infiltrators in prostitution networks.

Within this dark, cruel and harsh universe that the film reflects, Cruz takes care of Suzanna, Byron’s wife and who is one of the few characters with some light and hope in “Midnight in the Switchgrass.”

“She is very strong and has to remind her husband that his family is also there, that there is love and that he cannot forget that even if he sees so much violence and so many things on the street because of his work,” said the actress.

However, Cruz also indicated that her character clearly supports her husband in his important police work.

“He says: ‘In this violent world they need someone like you, they need someone who has a heart, who wants to help,'” he explained.


In completely different coordinates from the movie, Cruz and Hirsch had a curious and funny past in common that dates back to when they were teenagers.

“It’s an amazing thing because we went to ‘high school’ together,” Cruz said with a smile.

The actress said that even then Hirsch was something famous as an actor, but pointed out that they did not know each other despite sharing some classes.

“So when I first met him in this movie, since he obviously didn’t remember me, I told him this and he couldn’t believe it,” he explained.

“We connected super fast, it was a very easy connection. He knew some of my friends, we talked about the classes, how horrible some teachers were… But after talking about this, the first scene we had together was in which we kissed ”, she recalled laughing about an experience that , in a way, it served to “close a circle” with Hirsch.


With such a complicated subject in hand, Cruz praised director Randall Emmett for the tact with which, in his opinion, he portrayed a terrible and brutal reality such as femicides and sexist violence.

“It seems to me that these films tell stories about which not much is said: about girls, what is happening in real life, what can happen in the world, how dangerous it is for girls to be in the streets. ”, He indicated.

“It was a difficult thing and it made me cry. Having a little sister, having a family… Thank God, none of this has happened to me, but I know that in Latin America this happens every day. It’s a very ugly thing, ”he said.

In this sense, Cruz stressed the importance of the role of Megan Fox: an FBI agent trying to rescue other women.

“A woman like the character of Megan Fox entering there … Anyone is afraid, but she does not care: she wants to help and there are not many people who do that,” he said.