“It was, at the very least, a syndios.” Daniel Craig talks about his difficult experience shooting ‘Quantum of Solace’ and compares it to ‘Casino Royale’

Fifteen years after Daniel Craig first donned the boots – and gadgets – of 007 in Martin Campbell’s superb ‘Casino Royale’, the actor has bid farewell to one of the richest, most complex and humane stages of the British spy’s adventures with the, in my opinion, spectacular ‘No time to die’; whose end of filming he celebrated in a very emotional way.

“A sindiós”

But Craig’s journey as James Bond has not been, far from it, a bed of roses. Between his debut and his elevation to a new level in Sam Mendes’ superb ‘Skyfall’, the performer had to deal with a second episode titled ‘Quantum of Solace’ which is not only the weakest in the pentalogy; It was also a much more negative experience than the one lived in ‘Casino Royale’.

This is how the actor has explained it in a recent interview for The Empire Film Podcast, in which he has not been sparing in words, precisely …

“Somehow I miss the kind of person I was when I did ‘Casino Royale’. Sometimes it’s not good to have too much knowledge. I didn’t know how a lot of things worked, what their mechanics were, how the world really viewed Bond … everything. That kind of thing, I just didn’t understand it.

Then I began to understand them, and their weight brought me down. The problem with ‘Quantum of Solace’ is that it was, at the very least, a syndiose, and all the weight of the film made me probably withdraw into myself. Luckily for me, it’s all been a matter of loosening up and loosening up and trying to get back to the ‘Casino Royale’ feeling, which was, ‘It’s James Bond, come on, enjoy. Let’s have a good time. “

To Daniel Craig, the big difference between shooting ‘Casino Royale’ and ‘Quantum of Soalce’ is that, in the case of the first, he was fully aware that what they had in hand was a very great film.

“I remember shooting ‘Casino Royale’ with tremendous affection. And all that other shit that surrounded it didn’t make sense back then because I knew we had a good movie, I knew ‘Casino Royale’ was good. Somehow, you think ‘Wait And you see, it’s going to be great, don’t worry. ‘

I must admit that, over time, I have ended up appreciating – to some extent – ‘Quantum of Solace’, which does not exempt it from being a disaster compared to the rest of the titles of the Craig arc. At the moment, the best plan I can think of regarding 007 is to go back to my bedside cinema to enjoy ‘No time to die’, which has been on the bill since last Friday, October 1 and has crowned the box office of the weekend.