It does not shut up anymore! Millie Bobby Brown reported her ex-boyfriend

UNITED STATES.- During this last week, Millie Bobby Brown was exposed to a terrible situation with the tiktoker Hunter Ecimovicwho was your groom for eight months. This has to do with the intimate revelations that the young man told through a live of Instagram. In this, he involved the actress, being she a minor and he was older, therefore, he decided to sue him.

In this live Instagram, the tiktoker 21-year-old mocked the British actress and gave details about their sexual encounters. This generated a great stir within the fandom of the protagonist of Stranger Things. Taking into account that not only that he violated her privacy, but also that she was only 16 years old when they were together, and he was 20, this being illegal.

This generated a great movement in support of Millie Bobby Brown on social media, repudiating Hunter Ecimovic. So the little celebrity took it upon himself to affirm that he will press charges against him. tiktoker. “His comments on social networks are dishonest, irresponsible, offensive and loaded with hatred,” the actress attacked her ex.

Instagram: @milliebobbybrown

However, he did not decide to make a public statement on his social networks, or start a discussion between the two, but went directly to his lawyers. As confirmed by his close sources, Millie Bobby Brown will take legal action so that such a situation does not occur again. This, taking into account that the young actress is also a fervent defender of Women’s Rights.

After this terrible situation for the protagonist of Enola Holmes, the tiktoker obtained a great repudiation on social networks. This movement in support of Millie was so great that Hunter Ecimovic’s Instagram account was deactivated. However, upon learning of this fact, the tiktoker apologized, arguing that he was drunk and “alcohol spoke for him.”