Is Marvel going to reunite Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke?

Now that we know who Kit Harington is in Eternals, none other than Dane Whitman, the Black Knight, and that we have some clues as to who Emilia Clarke is in the Disney + series secret invasion (2023), and all of them point to Abigail Brand, field agent of SWORD, although in Esquire we have our own theory, the question is how long will it take Marvel to bring the two characters together. Because the meeting Game of Thrones who provided the movie Eternals She was left lame: yes, it was a certain grace to bring the Stark caste together in the same film, but we were never truly united with Richard Madden (Ikaris, who, by the way, makes Superman a canon within the films of Marvel) in Game of Thrones enough to enjoy his reunion with Harington. The reunion that fans want to see is between Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington. It happens like with the Harry Potter Reunion and the Friends Reunion: if you don’t bring together who you have to bring together, the thing doesn’t work no matter how much you want to make a Frankenstein of nostalgia. In this case, both Harington and Clarke are, at the same time, Matt Leblanc and Matthew Perry. Obviously, Marvel and its actors are not going to reveal anything about their future plans, even less about their plans with these two actors, so it only remains to speculate. Because no one has confirmed that Clarke, for example, is going to be Agent Abigail Brand, who plays a central role in the Secret Invasion comics.

There are all kinds of theories about what role Emilia Clarke plays in the Marvel series Secret Invasion. At the moment, the only thing that interests us is that they are shooting in Halifax, in the United Kingdom. And, no, from the photos, she doesn’t look like Abigail Brand. Although not from Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman), and that theory also has its defenders.

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The only thing that has allegedly been leaked is that Clarke plays “a spy with powers” (hence the fan connection to Brand: she has powers and is an interplanetary spy who infiltrates the Skrulls). We are not so sure that it is Brand. In fact, the only reliable thing is the images that have been leaked from the shoot in which the green-blandiblub mane is conspicuous by its absence, which may mean something or nothing at all. And we get into the matter. As Emilia Clarke is filming her scenes in Yorkshire, specifically in Halifax, we have been thinking about the only connection of the character of Kit Harington with Secret Invasion: Great Britain. It is clear that Marvel is going to reinterpret the original story and give its own version of the invasion, but if it goes to Great Britain it is inevitable to think about Captain Britain and the Mi13, the arc of secret invasion in which the Black Knight that Harington now gives life to comes out. And, yes, it’s the one that also features Blade, but we’re getting off track. And there’s a female character who fits the “powered spy” description.

How can Marvel bring Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke together in a series?

Of course, this collection may have absolutely nothing to do with what Marvel is going to do next, but it’s the only connection we’ve found between the two characters. Suppose for a moment that they do serve as a guide, an inspiration. In that comic series, to give you an idea, there is a Skrull who has been on Earth since 1963, who works for the British government’s superhero intelligence service MI13, and who looks like John Lennon. So by power, anything can happen. In that comic, Abigail Brand and the Black Knight/Dane Whitman do not cross paths. Those who do cross them are Dr. Faiza Hussain, a doctor who works in field hospitals during the Skrull invasion. In the comics, Kit Harington’s character and Hussain fight side by side. It’s pretty messy, but basically stick with the fact that the doctor develops powers after a skrull ship explodes near her (she’s capable of disassembling anything at the atomic level and is capable of paralyzing people at will) and ends up being worthy of raising Excalibur’s sword. Hussein becomes a shieldmaiden to the Black Knight. The story then gets complicated, Hussein joins MI13, the two go to Wakanda to retrieve the Ebony bladed sword you saw in the Eternals post-credits, Hussein becomes the hero Excalibur and returns to the UK to fight Dracula… see how he was a mess? And we come to Blade.

If Marvel hadn’t introduced Blade our crazy little theory would have come to nothing, but having the vampire slayer, it’s not out of the question that they might try to include them in Secret Invasion. This would unite Blade, Dane Whitman, and Emilia Clarke’s character in the series. It is true that Dr. Hussein’s ethnicity does not match Clarke’s, but in the same way that Eternals has changed the sex of many characters, you can repurpose this character and turn it into another inspired by the original. Yes, we are talking about you Ajax, which is not like the Ajax we knew (and we have no problem with it).

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