Illustration of Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Kraven The Hunter by Bosslogic

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After the monumental success of the first Venom film with Tom Hardy in the title role, Sony decided it was a good time to exploit its various Marvel intellectual properties.

Most are characters that come from the Spider-Man comics, such as Morbius, Black Cat and Kraven The Hunter, so in the future we can expect a lot of productions of these characters.

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That is why it attracted so much attention that Deadline will reveal that Aaron Taylor-Johnson will take on the mantle of the world’s most dangerous hunter, Kraven, in the character’s spin-off film, scheduled for release in January 2023.

This is the third time Aaron Taylor-Johnson has played a superhero. First it was for Marv films with Kickass Y Kickass 2, where he had the leading role. The second occasion was his brief participation in the MCU in Avengers: Age Of Ultron, as Pietro Maximoff, Scarlet Witch’s brother.

as lucira aaron taylor johnson as kraven according to bosslogic
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His histrionic ability speaks for itself, as the 30-year-old actor already knows what it is to have a leading role in a comic-based franchise and the sacrifices that this implies, both physical and mental and of time.

The casting of Aaron as Kraven surprised show business, so artist Bosslogic, famous for his geek culture illustrations, made an incredible design showing what the actor might look like in the role of the hunter.

In the picture, Kraven wears his famous lion skin to protect himself from the intense cold, while his face shows the marks of the last battles he suffered, such as a few blows and two huge scratches.

There are other quite interesting works by Bosslogic with characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe created by Sony. It is known that Spider-Man could appear in these films at some point, as the arachnid is the intellectual property of the producer and royalties from his appearances are shared with Marvel Studios.

That is why the artist made a fantastic illustration showing how Venom could join Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and form a well-known team in the comics of Secret Wars.

In the image you can see how the logo would remain on Spider-Man’s chest, although this would be more similar to the current form, with teeth and enormous muscles covering the body of Peter Parker, instead of a black suit with the symbol white in front.

What did you think of the image of Kraven? Do you think it will look the same or more epic?

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