If you liked ‘Mare of Easttown’ we recommend these other 11 series and films with veteran detectives investigating very shady cases

Now that HBO’s ‘Mare of Easttown’ has reached its satisfying conclusion, fans of crime dramas with veteran detectives solving a murder mystery in a small town can find other series and movies with the same DNA to fill the void. Criminal mystery is a vast genre, but This selection can keep you entertained for quite some time until the possible second season of the series of the moment.

Prime Suspect (Prime Suspect, 1991-2006)

Mystery fiction with female investigators is not something new, from ‘Mary Ryan, Detective‘(1949) to the Miss Marple adaptations of Agatha Christie or the series of’It has written a crime‘(1984–1996) and Nancy Drew, have created a common presence that took a more macabre turn in the cases of Chief Inspector Detective Jane Tennison, played by Helen Mirren. By way of contained miniseries, the influence of Clarice Starling and ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ turned their cases into something much darker than the usual policeman.

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Blue Murder (2003–2009)

Blue Murder

A single mother of four, Janine Lewis (Caroline Quentin), tries to balance her demanding career as head of a high-profile crime investigation squad in Manchester, England, with raising her family, as she constantly struggles with her ex-husband, who he has started a new family of his own. One of the first series to show the social conflict of the researchers next to the mystery, with the now classic contrast between efficiency at work and chaos at home.

The Killing (The Crime, 2007-2012)

The crime

Although its American version is better known, the appearance of the series with Sofie Gråbøl in the role of the inspector Sarah Lund started the furor for the Scandinavian series of murders, which have set the tone for these types of mysteries in subsequent years, being the Mare de Winslet a spiritual descendant of the Sarah Linden of Mireille Enos who also made a mark on the remake, a Seattle detective involved in an investigation into the murder of a girl that destroys a community.

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La caza (The Fall, 2013-2016)

Fall 2013

Gillian Anderson recovers her version of ‘The X-Files’ but with her feet more firmly on reality with her Stella Gibson, a superintendent who seems like a definite inspiration for Kate Winslet’s Mare Sheehan. Three seasons set in Northern Ireland chasing a serial killer named Paul Spector in a cat and mouse game between detective and sociopath that is mirrored in the classic Clarice-Hannibal dynamic of the Thomas Harris novels, with more bureaucratic procedures and politics that hinder everything.

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Top of the Lake (2013)


The first season takes place in an isolated community in which a pregnant girl of only 12 years disappears, while an inspector played by Elisabeth Moss returns to her hometown in rural New Zealand to investigate the crime, wrapped in a Feminist subtext on rape culture that works perfectly years later. It also has names like Holly Hunter and Lucy Lawless and a second season that entered sexual exploitation.

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Broadchurch (2013-2017)


This British thriller has a single mother investigating a town full of suspects and secrets, although here Olivia Colman shares space and time with David Tennant, earning them both a BAFTA. Investigation of the death of an 11 year old boy in rural Dorset implies in the case the inspector who, like Mare, sees her own family involved in a superior first season, but whose continuations did not detract from what that one achieved.

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Happy Valley (2014-2016)


Another British thriller set in a rural community, here in the former West Yorkshire mining region, noted for Sarah Lancashire’s great performance as a tenacious police officer who finds traces of a kidnapping while following the man who raped her daughter. Dark topics, from addiction to sexual violence, to suicide, ‘Happy Valley ‘has no fear of truculence and many features of both the tone and the main character can be followed in ‘Mare of Easttown‘.

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The Forest (La foret, 2017)


A six-part French miniseries set in a village in the Ardennes where a sixteen-year-old girl has disappeared. Soon after, two more girls disappear into the vast forest surrounding the village, including Lieutenant Virginie Musso’s adopted daughter. As the series progresses, suspects and new mysteries arise around someone they found near the forest as a child, with no previous memory. A French variant of folk crime that has grown over the years as an alternative focused on myths and natural landscapes.

Available on Netflix

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The Baztán trilogy (2017-2020)


The fashion of criminal investigations with touches of local mythology, and the forest as the main space The connection between mystery and myths is brought to the Navarra area in this triple adaptation of a series of novels by Dolores Redondo with stories of witches, rituals with dead babies, and even a Hispanic adaptation of the myth of exchange in which the Detective Salazar, a female character who seems to be a Mary Sue projection of the author but who solidifies a trio of films that actually work best seen as a series.

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Open wounds (Sharp Objects, 2018)


‘Mare of Easttown’ has some horror thriller moments inherited from ‘The Silence of the Lambs’, but this masterful adaptation by Gillian Flynn is pure southern goth with touches up to Stephen King and an absolutely terrifying ending. Amy Adams embroidered Camille Preaker, not a detective but a tormented journalist who returns to her Missouri hometown to do a topic about a recent murder. Psychological horror, shocking twists and a tremendously sinister Patricia Clarkson reminiscent of the best characters from American Gothic. Fundamental and essential.

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Fog (2020)


A Galician variation on the codes of the most folk Nordic thriller that does not try to play as openly with the fantastic as the Baztán trilogy, but manages to weave a tense story, well written and less dependent on international templates, letting its wonderful characters flow from the land where it is set with excellent interpretations of Emma Suárez, a “Mare” full of character, and the rotund Isabel Naveira. Much better than its medium impact makes it sound.

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Mare of Easttown (2021)

The natural continuation of ‘Open Wounds’ for HBO, one of the great television sensations of the year that has once again put the name of Kate Winslet on the table, also for unfortunate articles about her physique, but mainly for his impressive work creating Mare, one of those characters who eats up his series and makes us forget the mystery, which is also good. Its excellent ending touches certain notes common to the Amy Adams series and like that one, it does everything in seven episodes that leave no room to get bored or minutes of filler.

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