Hunter Echo vs Millie Bobby Brown: who did he really apologize to?

Hunter Echo vs Millie Bobby Brown: who did he really apologize to?

Hunter Echo has been in the eye of the hurricane after the scandal that he starred several days ago in a live of Instagram, in which under the influence of alcohol, he spoke about Millie Bobby Brown and alleged details of his relationship with her, when the actress was only 16 years old and he was 20.

After his statements, his accounts on social networks, both in Instagram like in Tik Tok, where it was a star, were canceled. But a few days before your Tik Tok was decommissioned, Hunter Echo managed to upload a video in which he asked “sorry”, but it seems that it is not directed to Millie, but to users and followers.

In the video, Hunter Ecimovic assures that he said things that “should never have been said”, and that he was sorry, but his apologies were not enough to stop the wave of complaints against him that ended with the closure of his official accounts.

“I wanted to talk about the incident of the live broadcast that happened, it never should have happened. First of all, that was a stupid idea of ​​me to think that it would be okay to continue broadcasting live as it was getting more and more negative on the comments, “he said Hunter Echo in the comments of the spectators of the live, to justify everything he later said about the protagonist of Enola Holmes.

Also, he defended his attitude with the fact that he was under the influence of alcohol, and, being completely drunk, he did not know how to measure his words well, always assuring that it was not the correct way to act.

“So after continuing to see the negatives that the comments were and seeing or hearing what people were saying to me, when they don’t know anything like always, it irritated me more and more as I said only in alcohol, so I became more careless and I said things that should never have been said, but like me my natural instinct when I see people doing this kind of thing, or when I see what people said, it’s like it was okay, so let’s make it much worse, “he apologized .

“And that is antagonistic, which is very stupid, but this is how I decided to handle it,” he added, while ensuring that his comments from that night are being totally distorted and making up stories.

“I also see many clips on the Internet of certain parts, because people are trying to do it 10 times worse, and stories that are not completely correct, they never said everything is being manufactured because that is what apparently happens,” he said. Hunter Echo.

“I just want you to know that what I said was not right, I’m not trying to justify everything, I just want you to know that I don’t agree with the way I did things, that’s all,” he concluded.