Hugh Jackman’s new trolley to Ryan Reynolds by “not being invited” to his party for ‘Free Guy’

Ryan Reynolds go ahead with your new project ‘Free Guy‘which has been announced since 2019 and has suffered the occasional delay due to the pandemic. But with the release date on the horizon, August 20, it seems that the film will not suffer any setbacks again.

In this new project, Ryan Reynolds will give life to Guy, a bank worker who live a happy life until one day he meets Molotov Girl and discovers that he is actually the secondary character in a video game. At that moment he decides to start rewriting his story and the problems will begin.

‘Free Guy’ will be directed by Shawn Levy, who has wanted to have a small party to disconnect and, perhaps, celebrate that the premiere of his film is closer and closer. And it seems that Hugh Jackman wanted to take this opportunity to give us yet another joke towards Ryan Reynolds.

Hugh Jackman’s new prank on Ryan Reynolds

And it is that in this party that the director of ‘Free Guy’, Shawn Levy, has made, there has been an absence and it is neither more nor less than Ryan Reynolds, who has not been able to attend. Although for one of the guests there is another reason.

Hugh Jackman was invited And, seeing that his colleague Ryan Reynolds was absent, he has not missed his opportunity and he played a joke on him again. This adds to their long history of trolling that they have done to each other from social networks. Something that fans love and always appreciate.

This time, Hugh has posted a photo on his Twitter account posing with Shawn Levy and writing the following message: “What happened Shawn Levy?You forgot to invite Ryan Reynolds to your party? Uncle, your secret is safe with me. And … publishing. “

This is how Hugh laughs of the non-invitation of the director of ‘Free Guy’ to his friend Ryan Reynolds, adding a new chapter to this never-ending story of practical jokes.

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