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Ryan Reynolds can’t help but look like he’s laughing at everything, even when he poses for a photo.Krista Schlueter / The New York Times

Ryan Reynolds likes to laugh at himself. It is not usual in Hollywood, where the stars seem to be protected by a corset that no one should get out of. He doesn’t care: “¿Green Lantern? It does not sound familiar to me ”, responds, before laughing, the protagonist of that monumental failure but also of Deadpool, Buried or the last Fast & Furious. The Canadian (Vancouver, 1976), receives Icon at home through a computer screen (“I don’t know if this way of doing things is here to stay, but for the moment it is what it is”) to talk about his latest film, Free guy, one of those blockbusters that, in times of peace and global health, would have been released in ten thousand cinemas and aspired to exceed one billion in any currency. In the midst of a pandemic, he is content to wait for his moment to assault the cinemas that are still standing on the planet.

The plot already gives clues as to where the shots are going: a guy discovers that he is actually living in a gigantic video game. “The first time I read the script, it seemed provocative, wonderful. That of being a secondary, a character passing through a world that is actually a video game, “says Ryan, who is accompanied by a luxury cast led by one of the world’s most sought-after actresses: Jodie Comer, the protagonist of the iconic TV series, Killing Eve.

Reynolds started his career in Canada, in small television productions, films suitable for a Sunday afternoon at home or small-time series (with notable exceptions such as File X). His big break came with Definitely Maybe in 2008. of a handshake. It’s your word in Hollywood. Never forget. The second is that everything in a shoot consists of solving problems. One after another. When you understand that and put everything at the service of your team, it is much easier for it to work. I still believe that both are essential for things to go well. “

Reynolds arrives at Free guy with strong professional credentials. He no longer only acts, but produces and writes (“I hate writing. I mean, I like it when I’m already doing it, but I hate starting. There is nothing worse”), at the controls of a career in which he is capable of fine-tune what you are looking for on paper. “What I like about Guy is that there is no one as simple as him when the movie begins. A guy who lives in the loop of his own routine. But when he meets the character of Jodie things start to change. And what comes next is pretty awesome, we start adding layers to it. I think it’s irresistible to be able to play someone like that ”.

After his marriage to Scarlett Johansson, which lasted three years, Reynolds began dating Blake Lively. Since then, the actor seems to have found the best version of himself, including laughing at his gaffes. His merciless humor towards himself has become his trademark and – of course – Reynolds embraces him unapologetically: “Honestly, it seems like a very interesting blank to me. You don’t usually see a lot of people in the marketing world trying to light up their blunders. [risas]. Racing has ups and downs, hits and misses, but you don’t usually see performers talking about their movies that don’t work, even if they know it. People tell you, ‘It’s cool, it’s cool’. So I laugh at myself, and at my mistakes. I don’t laugh at others: I laugh at myself. And I love doing it ”.

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