How is Vanguard, the new Jackie Chan movie in which he almost drowned

A movie that almost cost him his life. Vanguard, the new Jackie Chan, brought bad news during filming. The actor nearly drowned in an action scene. He was underwater for almost a minute without being able to stick his head out after an accident.

“It was a very normal scene, but I almost drowned. I don’t remember much of what happened either, but it was as if there was a divine power helping me,” commented the Hong Kong-born man.

An expert in action sequences and stunts, at 66 Chan doesn’t want stuntmen. In a typical chase scene – with the film’s co-star, Chinese actress Miya Muqi-, the vehicle hit a rock and overturned. Both actors fell into the water.

While Miya quickly appeared, Jackie did not. In the video it went viral, you can hear the crew panic, and a rescue team rushes to search for him. Finally, a minute later Jackie appears from the rock she crashed into, confused and shocked.

The poster for the new Jackie Chan movie.

“That night, while taking a shower, I remembered the incident, I suddenly felt terrified and started to shake. I thought I could have easily died,” he confessed.

What is your new action movie directed by Stanley Tong about? An undercover security company – Vanguard – is an accountant’s last hope of survival, after being targeted by the world’s most dangerous mercenary organization. Chan is the protagonist alongside Yang Yang and Miya Muqi.

“An adventure between the ridiculous and the scandalously entertaining”, promote Chinese media. ANDhe filming was between Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Taiwan. The story will hit Chinese cinemas this Wednesday 30. We will see Chan continually handling the revolver, walking on fire, fleeing screaming, always on the edge.

The plan was to release the film on January 25, but lThe pandemic forced the premiere to be rescheduled.

The poster for the new Jackie Chan movie.

The poster for the new Jackie Chan movie.

There is another Chan film (in post-production) that involves an Argentine: The Diary counted on the participation of Martina “Tini” Stoessel. He directed and wrote it and the actress thanked a few months ago on social networks. The former Violetta filmed in Prague and Shanghai. There is no release date yet.

Chan –which has more than 60 films- was star of a Fake News this year. The versions indicated that he had contracted coronavirus. So big was the rumor that the most famous Hong Kong man had to come out to clarify the situation.

“Thanks for everyone’s concern! I am safe and very healthy. Don’t worry I’m not quarantined. I hope everyone stays safe and healthy too! ”She wrote.

Martina Stoessel with Jackie Chan (Instagram).

Martina Stoessel with Jackie Chan (Instagram).

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, Chan campaigned against animal abuse and pollution and helped the victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami with large sums. Although his life seemed disciplined and perfect, he shocked his fans long ago. a time with his autobiography: he recounted mistreatment of his wife and baby, addiction to gambling and his need to resort to sex workers.

The actor decided to write his memoirs (Never grow up, never grow up), away from their exemplary and innocent characters. He confessed that he used to continuously sleep with prostitutes and drove drunk all the time. So much that one day he crashed a Porsche in the morning and a Mercedes at night.

The fame, the money and the flashes made him dizzy. Chan went from growing up in a modest family in Hong Kong to being the second highest paid actor in the world at some point in his career. It is estimated that he accumulates a fortune of 350 million dollars.