‘How I Met Your Father’: The changes that the series will have with Hilary Duff unlike ‘How I Met Your Mother’ – Noticias de series

Hulu is about to present its version of ‘How I Met Your Mother’, which has several specific changes that make it “more up to date” compared to the original version. We will tell you what are the main changes of ‘How I met your father’.

In early 2022, Hilary Duff will bring us an updated version of How I met your mother, by starring in and producing the new version titled How I met your Father. Obviously, although both series have the same premise of letting their children know the story of how they met their mother / father, There are important changes that will take place between one and the other, which must be highlighted, especially if we think that many characters (coff, coff Barney Stinson) or situations no longer fully fit into the current agenda.

The protagonist

Although many people dislike him, and although Neil Patrick Harris has stolen the show, the protagonist of the original series was Josh Radnor, who played the unfortunate Ted Mosby for 9 years. As you may have noticed, The first notable change that was made for the current version is that the protagonist will be a woman named Sophie, played by the former Lizzie MacGuire.

This change is important because it can promise a glimpse of how women date and seek the love of their life, away from the homogeneous male gaze they used in the 2005 series.

Dating apps

If we take a look at the series in which Britney Spears appeared, we will realize how much technology has changed since then. At the time, How I met your mother He introduced the beginnings of Facebook and how interacting in a personal way got a little more complicated.

The version of Duff will make use of those tools that are part of our day to day, like social networks and, obviously, applications to meet dates like Tinder or Bumble.

Different list

Remember the cast of HIMYM? It was composed of Radnor, Patrick Harris, Cobie Smulders, Alyson Hannigan and Jason Segel. They are all very nice, but they are also pure white actors. A detail that, for the new version, was modified. We now have a more diverse cast and therefore different situations that they will have to deal with..

In case you don’t know them, the cast of How I met your Father It is composed of Chris Lowell, who plays Jesse; Francia Raisa, Valentina; Tom Ainsley, Charlie; Tien Tran, Ellen, and Suraj Sharma will give life a Sid.

Elenco de ‘How I met your Father’

What will be the same?

Although there are interesting changes, there are other parts that stay the same, like the premise itself, the group of friends living in New York. But beware Although it’s set in NY, it was actually shot in Los Angeles, with the set crew assembling 700 state-of-the-art LED panels to recreate the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Another similar detail is that the narrator will be in charge of another voice. On How I met your mother, Bob Saget was the “Ted of the future”, while in How I met your father, the dear Kim Cattral, better known as Samantha Jones in Sex and the City will be the “Sophie of the Future”. He may not have returned to the revival of his own series, titled And Just Like That… but it will be part of another.

How I met your father will premiere on January 18, 2022, under the orders of Isaac aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, both creatives of This Is Us.