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A teenage girl in a rural town in India discovers that a skateboard can change her life and decides to allow it to be.

That is the premise of Skater Girl, a family drama about breaking paradigms and ancestral structures of behavior in search of realizing dreams.

The film written and directed by Manjari Makijany is a charming and moving story that seems taken out of reality by the social portrait that has an indisputable validity and universality.

The clash of traditions that limit the possibilities of expanding horizons is what the leading character experiences and that leads the audience to become aware of the meaning and symbolic value of an apparently as simple fact as the hobby of skateboarding.

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The successful spy novel “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” by writer John le CarrĂ© was made into a film in an adaptation that masterfully recreates the Cold War era. The film follows the story of George Smiley, an agent who returns from retirement to investigate who is the Russian infiltrator in the highest sphere of British espionage, and where the suspects are his former collaborators. Director Tomas Alfredson makes a complex suspense film, full of data and characters, and that jumps a lot in time. For this he is supported by a cast of renowned actors such as John Hurt, Colin Firth, Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman, who was nominated for an Oscar for the first time in his career for this film. The most impressive thing about the film is the luxury of detail that is used to recreate an era, with an impeccable production.

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The film tells the story of Dan (Dennis Quaid), a man in his 50s who has to accept the idea that he will be demoted and that his new boss, Carter (Topher Grace), is 26 years old and lacks your experience. In this way Dan, who needs the job to support his family, frowns upon the arrival of the new one, who has plenty of enthusiasm to compensate for his inexperience, although his excess of dedication costs him dearly in his personal life.

What seemed to be an ordinary comedy actually has a lot of background, since the writer and director Paul Weitz is in charge of giving equal weight to these two men. There are no villains, just a generation gap that they must adapt to. The two unknowingly complement each other, and the game of respect and competition between them is excellently written. The story thickens a bit when Carter takes his eye on Dan’s daughter. The end result is fun, emotional, and highly entertaining.