His fear when he said yes to ‘Mamma Mia!’ and 9 other curiosities of Colin Firth

Colin Firth is a guy who likes him. It’s that easy, you do not need too many resources to reduce the distance between the big screen and the seat in a movie theater. It does not use, far from it, grandiloquent interpretive devices or falls on the side of the scale destined to excess and over-acting, it always remains firm in a work model based, almost exclusively, on knowing how to be, elegance and punctual controlled debauchery. Nothing escapes its limits.

Colin Firth Trivia

2 Africa

If we had to define the quintessential British actor, one of the safest options would be to go to Colin Firth. However, two weeks after his birth in Hampshire, the interpreter moved to Nigeria with his family for professional reasons of his parents, both professors.

There he spent five years in which the African continent marked him for life, assuming an experience that continues to accompany him on a day-to-day basis and that has motivated him to lead various proposals of a social and solidarity nature aimed at helping the most needy people in the area.

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3 The power of the voice
The power of the voice

At first, Colin Firth was the actor chosen to give voice to the beloved bear ‘Paddington’, but ended up being replaced by Ben Whishaw. The reason? According to the director of the film, Paul King, his main animal could not have the vocal cords of a man so mature and so handsome, adding that Firth had the most beautiful voice in the world. An excuse above the remarkable.

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4 The writer
The writer

In addition to acting, Colin Firth He has dedicated some small stages of his professional career to the world of literature. In this sense, the Briton wrote a short story entitled ‘The department of nowhere’ that was included in the book ‘Talking with the angel’, an anthology published by the great Nick Hornby. A collaboration that had already had a precedent in ‘Out of Play’, a minor film in the filmography of a Firth who worked closely with Hornby on the script for it.

5 Inspiration Darcy
Inspiration Darcy

Helen Fielding, writer and creator of the unforgettable character Bridget Jones, confessed to having fallen completely in love with Colin Firth’s portrayal of Fitzwilliam Darcy in the wonderful television adaptation of ‘Pride and Prejudice’. A work that came to mark Fielding so much that ended up sneaking in as one of the most obvious references in his literary work.

In fact, the writer herself explained that she built Mark Darcy’s character with Firth in mind. Imagine the moment in which he learned of the incorporation of the actor to the film project of ‘The diaryof Bridget Jones’. Jumping for joy.

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6 Brother love
Brother love

Another person who had a less curious reaction after discovering that Colin Firth was joining the cast of ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’ to play Darcy was the actor’s brother. And it is that, Upon hearing the news, he called the actor and asked: “Darcy? Isn’t he supposed to be a sexy guy?”. Brutal honesty. And bad milk.

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7 Action hero
Action hero

When Colin Firth joined ‘Kingsman: Secret Service’, many doubted that the actor’s ability to bring something really interesting to a genre like action.

However, the film’s director, Matthew Vaughn, had blind confidence in him, getting to convince the actor not to use any double in the most demanding physical scenes of his character. Firth, after much thought, ended up accepting the challenge. An experience that, despite initial reluctance, he enjoyed so much that he did not hesitate to repeat in the sequel, ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’.

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8 Heart of gold
Heart of gold

Colin Firth es an actor fully committed to social causes, actively participating in initiatives in favor of the defense of the rights of indigenous peoples around the world, leading NGO campaigns to save the Amazon, defending the rights of refugees or carrying out numerous awareness-raising activities on the need to respect and take care of the environment, among many other actions.

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9 Stroke of luck
Stroke of luck

One of the most acclaimed and award-winning performances, including Oscar, of Colin Firth’s career is that of ‘The King’s Speech’. However, the actor was very close to not carrying it out since, during the process of writing the script of the film, those responsible had in mind Paul Bettany as the protagonist. In fact, Bettany got to receive the offer to participate in the film, but ended up turning it down, at which point Firth entered the project. A second dish with a taste of glory. And statuette.

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10 ABBA universe
ABBA universe

When Colin Firth agreed to cast ‘Mamma Mia!’, a casting choice that surprised locals and strangers, the cold sweats began: “I showed up at the studio without being convinced of my talent as a singer and after a while the three of us were around a mic singing ‘Super Trouper'”.

A panic that, however, did not make him hesitate for a second when he returned with ‘Mamma Mia !: Over and Over’: “I admit that few times I had had such a good time on set as in the first film and the same thing has happened again in this second part. It is the same feeling as being in a family reunion.” Will they cheer for a third time?

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Seeming always distracted, engrossed and lost in his thoughts, his characters, or the vast majority of them, are located in areas far from underlining and evidence. And yet Firth has achieved something as extremely complicated as it is to escape the always fearsome typecasting while still playing slightly similar roles. A true achievement that has played a key role in making him one of those actors respected by critics, loved by the industry and admired by the general public.


In this special, we review ten curiosities about an actor who has tried his luck in many film genres, solving each of the ballots with that trade and character so characteristic. Colin Firth, the quiet man, the interpreter who never seems to fail, the talent as a vehicle to achieve extreme naturalness and vice versa.