Hime cut, the fashionable haircut among Asian girls that will triumph in the changes of looks of 2022 (and that Cher already wore in the 60s)

When we thought we couldn’t see anything more complicated and asymmetrical come true than the wolf haircut, the mullet, or even the risky pixie, the
hime cut at
hair trends of 2022 to show that the thing can still be more confused.

This haircut has its origin, according to history, in the ‘binsogiy’ ceremony where Japanese women of high society cut their front locks when they came of age. Today, it is a staple among Asian girls and it is enough to take a look at Tokyo street style to confirm it. What we don’t know is why
Cher also wore it in the 60’s but it suited him wonderfully and gave it a very top retro style.
What is the hime cut and how is it worn?

«It is the combination of two types of haircut in the same hair, longer at the back and shorter at the sides, up to the cheeks or above the chin. It is ideal for straight hair, typical of Japanese women, “says Raquel Saiz from Salón Blue by Raquel Saiz from Torrelavega (Cantabria).

As confirmed by the expert, the most common hair to wear this cut is the long and smooth one. But the truth is that it has small variations that change everything. «The hime cut too
can be worn with or without bangs. In the case of incorporating it, what we will achieve is to create a new unevenness. Color can enhance your unusual silhouette by applying it to a specific area. Is not a
look change to go unnoticed «, explains Felicitas Ordás from Felicitas Hair from Mataró (Barcelona).

Of course, customization is very important if we want to fit this haircut with our face and with our hair. “It should be worn with a mane long enough to be able to create a contrast with the length, but then the strands close to the face allow us to frame it. To favor the
round and square faces, must exceed the jaw. On the other hand, in the elongated ones they should be on the cheeks. The bangs are recommended for long ones,
oval and triangular«, Adds Manuel Mon from Manuel Mon Stylists from Oviedo.