Henry Golding protagoniza ‘Snake Eyes: El Origen

GI Joe has become one of the most famous franchises in cinema, since the premiere of its first installment in 2009, GI Joe: The Origin of Cobra, so it continued with The Counterattack in 2013 and soon, Snake Eyes : The origin.

Although this franchise has managed to position itself, one of the elements that are integrated, giving dynamism and freshness, is the participation of actor Henry Golding, the face of Hollywood who has become one of the new favorites, and that surely We will continue to watch for much longer.

The actor’s streak continues to rise, and this first trailer for the feature film shows Snake Eyes (Golding) demonstrating his best combat skills, which will lead him to join the Arashikage clan, where he will have knowledge to increase his “power “.

The film will hit theaters in the United States on July 23, and is expected to premiere simultaneously in Mexican theaters.


The 34-year-old actor continues to set the tone in Hollywood, becoming one of the faces that has managed to take off without looking back.

In 2018, he gained international fame by having participated in films such as “A simple favor” (2018), along with Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick, and “Crazy Rich Asians” (2018), sharing the camera with Constance Wu; Also, in 2019 she co-stars in like “Last Christmas” (2019) with Emilia Clarke and is now preparing to work with one of the industry favorites, actress Dakota Johnson, known for having starred in the trilogy of “50 shades of Flock”.

Dakota and Henry Golding will be starring in the remake of “Persuasion”, based on the novel by Jane Austen that will premiere on the Netflix platform.

The story centers on “Anne” (Jonhson) a 27-year-old girl, suffocated by a condescending snobe family on the verge of losing everything, while reconnecting with “Frederick” an old love, where she will have to decide whether to listen to your feelings or move on.

On the other hand, Golding will be playing “Mr. Elliot”, the protagonist’s cousin, so they will be seen sharing the painting repeatedly.

Henry Golding protagoniza 'Snake Eyes: El Origen
Advancement. Actor Henry Golding stars in the movie “Snake Eyes: The Origin.”

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