HBO Spain Releases July 2021: News

The (almost) entire saga of ‘Mad Max’ is the best idea we can think of to face the hot month of July, but if it doesn’t convince you (or like us, you’ve seen it seven hundred-odd times), there’s more: from documentaries about Weinstein to the new series from the creator of ‘Enlightened’. This is the best of the July programming on HBO.

Catalog of new series in Spain

‘The White Lotus’

Mike White, creator of the strange and bitter ‘Enlightened’, returns with a new series that could not have a more different setting than that dark office: a Hawaiian resort. It is a social satire in six chapters starring the owner of the complex (Murray Bartlett) and the spa manager (Natasha Rothwell), trapped in an impossible relationship. Connie Britton and Alexandra Daddario complete the cast.

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Catalog of new documentaries in Spain

‘Predators: The Podcast’

A documentary based on Ronan Farrow’s book and podcast in which sand analyzes in detail the trajectory of Harvey Weinstein and how he carried out his activities predators. Not only the victims speak, but also colleagues from the film industry and journalists, to give a global vision of the case unfolding throughout six dramatic episodes.

All documentaries in July

  • ‘Predators: the podcast’ (7/13)
  • ‘A wave of thirty meters’ (19/7)

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Catalog of new films in Spain

Saga ‘Mad Max’

Not whole, but almost: the third installment of the eighties is missing, ‘Mad Max: Beyond the dome of thunder’ (which is also the most irregular), but you can enjoy the other three from July 1. The beginning of the saga, with the very violent revelation of Mel Gibson; the sequel with many more means and spectacularity, and that finished settling the aesthetics of post-apocalyptic punks; Y the recent and incredible sequel that put Max back as one of the absolute myths about the cinema of the end of the world.

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