Harvey Keitel’s Best Roles

Born in Brooklyn on May 13, 1939, Harvey Keitel has been for decades one of the most recognizable faces of Hollywood that began to be built towards the last third of the last century.. With more than 150 films behind him as an actor and having made his first steps in the production apparatus, his name has been present in some of the great titles proclaimed as such by the history of cinema itself.

It was 1966 when he debuted for the small screen in both series, where he had two small supporting roles in ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ and ‘Dark Shadows’, the horror soap opera created by Dan Curtis in the sixties. After several attempts on television, it would not be until 1973 that he would his great opportunity with Martin Scorsese for ‘Bad Streets’. Since then, his name has always been synonymous with prestige, that is why from this special present we make a selection with Keitel’s ten most remembered performances at the cinema.

Cult actor

Mafia clan chief, gangster, corrupt cop, film director, pimp or preacher are just some of the roles that Harvey Keitel has played throughout his unstoppable trajectory, which is still active today. For example, remember that among your next projects are from author productions to Scorsese’s long-awaited return with ‘The Irishman’.

Harvey Keitel’s Best Roles

10 Eddie Israel in ‘Dangerous Game’
Eddie Israel in 'Dangerous Game'

Directed by Abel Ferrara, in 1993 ‘Dangerous Game’ was released, in which Harvey Keitel played Eddie Israel, a film director obsessed with the shooting of his new film, which had a lot to do with the relationship he had with his wife, and for which a star named Sarah is hired, who was played by Madonna in one of the few notable roles of her acting career.

For his performance, Keitel was awarded the Best Actor at the 1993 Venice Film Festival.

9 Baines in ‘The Piano’
Baines in 'The Piano'

In 1993, ‘The Piano’ was released, a film with which Jane Campion conquered Cannes and the Oscars and in which Harvey Keitel was George Baines, the new owner of Ada McGrath’s piano (Holly Hunter), with whom he will start a close relationship in which music classes will be just the beginning of an unforgettable story.

The piano in eCartelera

8 Ludwig in ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’

6 Mick Boyle in ‘The Youth’
Mick Boyle in 'The Youth'

Written and directed by Paolo Sorrentino, in 2015 came ‘Youth’, a film in which Harvey Keitel was Mick Boyle, a film director who seems to have lost inspiration and who will spend a few days of retreat in a spa with his friend Fred Ballinger (Michael Caine).

With such a title, Sorrentino revalidated his title as a great contemporary director and the leading duo once again dazzled audiences and critics.

Youth in eCartelera

5 Jacob Fuller in ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’

4 The Wolf en ‘Pulp Fiction’
The Wolf en 'Pulp Fiction'

Winston “The Wolf” Wolfe was one of the little gifts Quentin Tarantino left us in ‘Pulp Fiction’.

This was a cleaner, who introduces himself as an expert in “fix things”, Y Tarantino wrote the role especially for Keitel after being in awe of his work years earlier on ‘Reservoir Dogs’.

Pulp Fiction in eCartelera

3 Mickey Cohen en ‘Bugsy’
Mickey Cohen en 'Bugsy'

Oddly enough, the only time the Academy has remembered Harvey Keitel was in 1992, when it did so to nominate him in the category of Best Supporting Actor for ‘Bugsy’.

Directed by Barry Levinson, in this story about the relationship between the mafia and the movie business, Keitel played Mickey Cohen, the head of the Cohen clan which was active for more than three decades.

Bugsy in eCartelera

2 LT in ‘Corrupt Lieutenant’
LT in 'Corrupt Lieutenant'

Again the name of Harvey Keitel associated with a film and a cult director, Abel Ferrara.

It was in 1992 when he put himself in the shoes of a policeman who will end up immersed in a spiral of corruption, getting to know the lowest funds of the security body and beginning to rethink his own existence when he came across a horrible case of sexual abuse of a nun.

1 Mr. White en ‘Reservoir Dogs’

Being one of the filmmaker’s fetish actors, Keitel has also teamed up repeatedly with Quentin Tarantino, in addition to being able to boast of having worked under Jane Campion, Wes Anderson or Paolo Sorrentino, making it clear that his talent is one of the Hollywood gifts that we should not overlook, as no matter how many years go by their interpretations will always remain to verify what could be clearly defined as an unforgettable cult performer.