Halle Berry told about her next projects with Netflix

The collaboration between the platform and the actress is far from over.

Today 07:18

Variety has confirmed it. Actress, producer and fledgling filmmaker Halle berry you stay with Netflix, after having signed an agreement with the platform to direct and star in multiple original titles in the future. It’s no surprise, of course, given the success of ‘Wound‘, her directorial debut and film produced by Netflix. The film premiered in September at the Toronto International Film Festival and managed to reach first place in hearings for USA this week. It was also the second most watched English-speaking film worldwide, ranking as the winner of the week in 71 countries and whose views accumulated some 47.7 million hours in its first five days of release (with the change of the viewing system from Netflix, the figures would change, but the success is resounding).

“My directorial debut, ‘Wound‘It was a labor of love, and I knew that Scott y Ted they would treat it very carefully, “he said Berry about the movie heads of Netflix, Scott Stuber, and the co-executive director (CEO), Ted Sarandos. “The team of Netflix He has not only been collaborative and creative, but also extremely passionate and a pleasure to work with. I am more than grateful for this collaboration and I look forward to telling more stories together. “

For his part, an enthusiast Stuber stated: “There are few people with a career like Halle berry. She is an award-winning actress and producer, and as audiences saw last week, she is an incredible director. We are delighted to be in his corner as he offers power in front of and behind the camera in ‘Wound‘”. The CEO It also concluded, on behalf of Netflix: “We hope to tell more stories together.”

By earning your Oscar in 2002 by ‘Monster’s Ball‘, the actress was deeply disappointed by the lack of diversity (she was the first person of color to achieve the coveted statuette) and has already announced her intention to undertake projects with her own voice: “We need more people of color writing, directing, producing. Not just stars in front of the cameras. We have to start telling stories that include us. “

On ‘Wound‘, Halle berry gave life to Jackie Justice, a mixed martial arts fighter who falls from grace and quits the sport. Haunted by bad luck and consumed by rage and regret, Jackie participate in a brutal clandestine fight convinced by her boyfriend Desi (Adam Canto). His performance arouses the interest of a sports promoter (Shamier Anderson), which promises you that you will be able to return to the octagon. But his quest for redemption turns unexpectedly personal when Manny (Danny Boyd Jr.) —The son he gave up as a baby— shows up at his house.

Wound‘It was the debut in the direction of the Oscar winner Berry; a triumphant story about a fighter who regains her strength in and out of the ring when everyone was already knocked out.

It was already known that Berry would appear in two other originals by Netflix (outside the new deal), including the science fiction project ‘The Mothership‘, from the screenwriter and director Matt Charman. Berry will executive produce and lead. Likewise, it will also appear in ‘Our Man From Jersey‘, next to Mark Wahlberg.